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Lawsuit Against Florida Commission on Human Relations

Disabled Veterans in Florida Cannot Shop in Stores, or Even Sit on the Beach Without Being Harassed!

In Florida a Disabled Veteran, needing a Service Animal, cannot even shop in stores because stores like Publix Supermarkets, Walmart, and Sam's Club because they sporatically refuse to allow Service Animals in their stores.

If you fight for your country, and return from war wounded, and needing a Service Animal, you cannot simply sit on a public beach and enjoy the sunset without an untrained Sheriff coming up and threatening to put you in jail for being disabled, and having a Service Animal on the beach.

If you try to go with your family to Busch Gardens in Tampa, or the Disney Parks in Orlando, not only will you be harassed for needing a Service Animal, but Florida's Amusement Parks harass the disabled every way they can to discourage Disabled veterans from using their parks. They don't want the disabled, with their wheelchairs, and Service Animals chilling the festive mood of their amusement parks.

Florida is a horrorific place for America's Disabled Veterans.

ccording to a Federal Lawsuit filed in the United States District Court at Fort Myers, Florida, Case No. 2:16-CV-403-FtM-99CM, a 100% Service Connected Disabled Veteran trying to rent an Electric Wheelchair at Busch Gardens Tampa was refused a wheelchair, after Busch Gardens had placed a hold on over $300 of the Veterans Money on his Credit Cards. [Click here to see the lawsuit. It may take a couple of minutes to download.]

The Busch Gardens Supervisor then told the Disabled Veteran to "Crawl into the park" if he wanted to visit Busch Gardens!

There is a History, Pattern, and Policy of SeaWorld's Parks, including Busch Gardens, harassing, defrauding, and cheating, America's Disabled Veterans in an effort to keep Disabled Veterans out of their parks because SeaWorld does not want the "stigma" of Disabled Veterans, in wheelchairs, with Service Dogs, "Chilling" the festive atmosphere of their amusement parks.

SeaWorld makes their parks, like Busch Gardens, Cost Prohibitive to America's Disabled Veterans, by charging Disabled Veterans nearly twice as much as Busch Gardens charges the Non-Disabled to visit their parks, even though Disabled Veterans can't ride most of the rides at Busch Gardens.

SeaWorld knows that most of America's Disabled Veterans, that are in wheelchairs from providing the freedom we all enjoy, are on a small, fixed, VA Disability Income and cannot afford to pay nearly double to take their family to Busch Gardens, or SeaWorld.

So SeaWorld makes it as expensive as possible for Disabled Veterans in wheelchairs to visit their parks with their families.

For example, Busch Gardens charges $50 a day to rent an old, run down, filthy electric wheelchair knowing that anyone can rent a Brand New Car in Tampa, for two days, for fifty dollars and have money left over!

So why are America's Disabled Veterans charged Fifty Dollars to rent an old, worn out, nasty electric wheelchair by Busch Gardens when SeaWorld can make a nice profit only charging ten dollars a day?

Clearly SeaWorld does not want America's Disabled Veterans in their parks!

With today's technology every single ride at Busch Gardens can be made handicapped accessible. Instead out of at least twenty-seven (27) rides at Busch Gardens there are only two rides that Disabled Veterans in wheelchairs can ride, which is the train, and Skyride.

So why are Disabled Veterans in wheelchairs, that Busch Gardens knows can only ride two rides, charged the full price to ride only two rides?

It is because SeaWorld wants to keep Disabled Veterans out of their Amusement Parks.

It is FRAUD for SeaWorld to charge America's Disabled Veterans for rides, and entertainment that SeaWorld has no intent of providing.

Busch Gardens says that they do not charge for children younger than three years old, because despite having a children area with small rides, there are only a few rides for children since most of Busch Gardens is thrill rides for teenagers.

Disabled Veterans in wheelchairs, do not ride as many rides as three year olds, and spend most of their time merely sitting in a wheelchair to be with their families, so why does it cost Disabled Veterans in wheelchairs, nearly twice as much as it costs anyone else?  

It is because SeaWorld is discriminating against Disabled Veterans in direct violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, obstructing the disabled from enjoying the Public Accommodations, by making SeaWorld Parks extremely Cost Prohibitive for Disabled Veterans.

In just the past five years SeaWorld has made tens of millions of Dishonest Dollars overcharging, and defrauding, America's Disabled Veterans.

Please write SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby and ask that SeaWorld change its policy and stops defrauding, and cheating, America's Disabled Veterans in Wheelchairs, who provide the very freedom Joel Manby lives under.

Joel Manby
CEO SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc.
Suite 400
9205 South Park Center Loop
Orlando, FL. 32819

"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything." - Albert Einstein

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