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Walmart has been involved in scheme, after scheme, to cheat, and abuse America's Veterans.

Recently Walmart spent millions, and millions of dollars advertising that "Walmart Hires Veterans" in a scheme to make the public think Walmart cares about Veterans.

In reality Walmart received up to $9,500 in Tax Credit for EACH Veteran it hires so it was really the taxpayer that paid for Walmart to hire Veterans.

Walmart actually made a Massive Profit hiring Veterans, while Walmart lied to the public and took credit for hiring Veterans, while Walmart concealed that America's Taxpayers actually paid Walmart to hire Veterans.

Walmart is now involved in a scam in Florida to ban Disabled Veterans needing Service Animals from their stores.

hat is not so well known is how Walmart uses Local Law Enforcement across America as Walmart's Private Police Force, stealing your Tax Dollars, by using Taxpayers to pay for Walmart's Security, to increase Walmart's Profits.

All while Walmart corrupts the Local Law Enforcement, using them to discriminate against, and abuse the Disabled, targeting America's Disabled Veterans.

s has a long, well-documented history, of discriminating against America's Disabled Veterans, abusing them, violating their rights, and trying to intentionally inflict massive harm on America's Disabled Veterans, while they also donate to Veterans Groups, for Tax Purposes, and to get favorable news media coverage.

Lets look as some of Walmart's intentional crimes towards America's Veterans.

Click here to read about a Disabled Veteran doing an outstanding job at Walmart as a Forklift Driver, who was Discriminated Against, and fired, because he was unable to do another employee's job.

Walmart Corporate set a Policy that United States Marine Veterans can bleed, and die, but never will they be allowed inside (Walmart). Click here to read News Article.


Durring the Vietnam War the poor, and working class, were drafted, and went to war, while the rich, and privledged class, hid in college.

It is the rich, and Silver-Spooned Privledge Class, that ended up becoming America's Politicans, Attorneys, and Judges resenting those that did serve in the Military, providing the Freedoms the Privledged refused to fight for.

In college the Privledged believed Military Service to be benieth them, and considered those that served in the Miltary to be losers.
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