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The VA is lying, Veterans are Dying!

You may have seen the VA is Lying Billboards that have been popping up all over the country. Once ahain Veterans are fed up with the abuse, the lies, and the corruption.

And once again, just like when Veterans UNITED to fight the Disabled Veterans Tax, we can win if we all UNITE together.

Everyone said it was impossible to fight the VA and win when we united all the grassroots groups behind Freshman Congressman Jim Marshall and DEFEATED the Disabled Veterans Tax, also known as "Concurrent Reciept".

After the Vietnam War the government, using the VA, used a "Policy" of driving Disabled Veterans with severe P.T.S.D. to avoid paying them their benefits. Now the DVA is using "Secret" Medical Care Waiting List, and Medical Malpractice to kill us.

Enough is enough!

We have a new leader standing up to the DVA. It is the VA is lying Facebook Page, the VA Truth Tellers Facebook Page, and scores of other Veteran Activists.

We need to STRONGLY support them, UNITE with them, and do EVERYTHING WE CAN to help them, chip in what we can to pay for more billboards, and get the Established VA Groups, the DAV, VFW, American Legion, Iraq, and Afghastian Veteran groups to all UNITE in one loud voice demanding justice, and Basic Human Rights for America's Veterans.

Click here to visit their websites!

The VA is Lying Facebook Page

VA Truth Tellers


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