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Understanding America's Oligarchy Government

America's Constitution is gone and we are now an Oligarchy Form of Government
Controlled by a Handful of Billionaires, and Corupt Corporations

The United States now exists in name, and in flag, only. The Constitutional United States Government is gone!

We may stand up and pledge loyialty to our American Flag, but our Constitutional Government "of the people, by the people, and for the people" no longer exists. We are pledging allengiance to an evil, illegal, Unconstitutional, Country.

If the founders of our country were still alive they would rise up and put most of our government on trial for treason.

America's Congress would be put on trial for TREASON.

For taking bribes from billionaires, and Corrupt Corporations, to pass laws that are not good for our country, and that do not benefit the public, and are intended to swindle the public, and to maxamize profits for the crooks, the billionaires that do business like Mafia Crime Families.

For at least fifty (50) years America's Disabled Veterans had been robbed, cheated, abused, and actually MURDERED by a Veterans Administration (now Department of Veterans affairs) that is corrupt to the core, and no more than a "Political Pay-off Agency" where politicans from both political parties take care of their closest supporters, rewarding them by appointing those dishonest political supporters to high level VA Jobs, where they have the power to rob America's Veterans, and loot the VA Treasury, as they steal like little starving kids let loose in a candy store.

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