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Why Veterans Have No Rights

To understand why Veterans have no rights, WHY there have been no real changes in the past fifty (50) years, and what YOU can do to change that, you first have to understand our government, and how it works.

You need to know the Veteran's Enemies to defeat them, so please bear with me.


America was founded with the best ideas on earth. A country "Of the People, By the People, and For the People" where individual rights, and liberty were most important.

The American Flag stood for freedom, morals, and individual rights. We were the "Good Guys"!

But greed, bribes from lobbyists, corrupt career politicians, and easily bribed Federal Judges, have changed all that.

America's Veterans writing their Congressman, or Senator, get no more than a form letter, filled with lies, that is sent to the Department of Veterans Affairs Congressional Office where professional liars carefully craft a response letter, also filled with lies, that makes it appear the DVA has acted properly, and the Veteran has done something wrong.

The Veteran tries to sue however YOUR Congressman, and Senator, acting like puppets on a string, obeys their masters sending the lobbyists with bags of money, and have appointed Federal Judges, FOR LIFE, that are bought, paid for, and OWNED by the rich, and their corrupt corporations.

And those judges have ruled, again, and again, in essense that America's Veterans have

That the Department of Veterans Affairs is far above the law and cannot be sued.


America's Government no longer cares about the individual, or individual rights, because America is completely controlled by a small handful of billionaire crooks, with their corrupt corporations, that pay to put the Congressmen, and Senators, you write in office, and once in office make them rich beyond their wildest dreams.

These Anti-American Crooks also OWN America's Judges, and America's Judicial System.

We are brainwashed to feel patriotic when we see the American Flag, to stand up, place our hand over our heart, or to salute, giving a mere flag the status of a God, which helps the crooks to destroy our country, and control us.

The rich crooks who have overthrown our government, with bags of money, and lobbyists, have us so brainwashed that should anyone attempt to expose how America has been OVERTHROWN with lobbyists, and bribes, the crooks call us Unpatriotic.

The crooks hide behind the flag, they stole, and claim that anyone that anyone that attacks the American Government by exposing corruption is attacking the flag, and unpatriotic.

This divides us.

What is unpatriotic is to blindly worship a flag, as we close our eyes to the unconstitutional, corrupt government we really have.

America's Founding Fathers stated many times that every American has a DUTY to expose corruption, and keep our government honest.

The problem is America is no longer a democracy, or "Of the People, By the People, and For the People" and Individual rights, and freedoms no longer exist.

We are now an Oligarchy, controlled by a small handful of extremely powerful, and very smart, Anti-American Billionaires with their Anti-American Corrupt Corporations looting America's Treasury as they destroy OUR Country.

We have corrupt politicians, corrupt Federal Agencies, and an extremely corrupt Federal Judicial System.


America has become the most corrupt nation on earth because its citizens have allowed it to become the most corrupt country on earth. We have let this happen!

As Veterans, when we were sworn in the Army, Navy, Marines, or Airforce we took an OATH to defend this nation from ALL Enemies, both DOMESTIC, and foreign.

We have violated that Oath and allowed America's Domestic Enemies to take over our country, to nullify our Constitution, and to destroy America's Morals, and Individual Rights, and Freedoms.

We have let America's Enemies, those that hate our Constitution, and individual rights, and freedoms, overthrow our Constitutional Form of Government and secretly set up an Anti-American Oligarchy Government, without firing a shot.


The purpose of the Department of Veterans Affairs under our Oligarchy Form of Government isn't to provide benefits to Veterans. The purpose of the DVA is to be a Political Reward!

To provide outrageously high paying jobs, with the world's best, and most outlandish benefits, with unlimited opportunities to defraud the government out of massive amounts of money, and steal taxpayer dollars, without any chance of arrest, or prosecution.

It is a "Political Reward", or "Gift", to relatives, and "friends" of politicians.


For nearly fifty (50) years the founder of VetsForJustice, Billy Kidwell, has fought an extremely corrupt VA. He has watched all of the Established Veterans Groups fight the corruption in the VA, and he has watch nearly fifty years of Congressional Hearings on the VA (now Department of Veterans Affairs). What he has learned from fifty years of experience is that the VA cannot be cleaned up, and forced to be honest towards Veterans by anyone, or by any established Veterans Group.

So we might as well all bend over and give up right?????

Not so fast.

While the large Established Veterans Groups have been unable to make any real diffrence, and the Congressional, and Senate, Committees on Veterans Affairs is no more than a Con Game on the American Public, and hasn't done anything "Meaningful" to clean up the VA in the past 50 years, a Freshman Congressman, VetsForJustice, We Support the Vets that was run by Bill Gast, and other Grassroots Veterans Groups UNITED together fighting the Disabled Veterans Tax, also known as Concurrent Reciept, and we not only won, we made a President that said he would never allow the Disabled Veterans Tax to be abolished reverse himself.

We WON big time !!!!

As you see, the only way on earth to beat the Billionaire Gangsters, and the Corrupt Corporations, that own this country, that have our politicians bribed, and our Federal Courts bought, and paid for, and whom DO NOT WANT AMERICA'S VETERANS TO EVER SEE A PENNY, because they want to keep the costs of wars low, so that their Corrupt Military Industrial Complex Corporations to get all the money alloted for wars, is to UNITE!!!

We need to watching these men do evil while we do nothing and we need to UNITE in
ONE MASSIVE VOICE demanding Justice, and Basic Human Rights, for our Veterans.

We need to get the DAV, VFW, American Legion, Vietnam Vets, Afghistan, and Iraq Vets, our families, and all our friends to UNITE and DEMAND ;

1. An honest, impartical investigation of the Department of Veterans Affairs, and an aggressive Criminal Prosecution of every DVA Employee, and Official shredding records, faldifying records, abusing Veterans with secret Medical Waiting Lists, stealing, and throwing massive luxery parties for high level DVA Officials with OUR money. We need to demand that the DVA be cleaned up from all the dishonesty and corruption once and for all.

2. We need to demand an end to the Sexual Discrimination by the Department of Veterans Affairs, demanding that all Veterans, especally Female Veterans that have been discriminated against, and cheated so long, by the massive Toxic Exposure at Fort McClellan receive the SERVICE-CONNECTED Benefits they deserve for that exposure.

3. We need to demand that the DVA stop "redacting" Veterans VA Claim Files, which is the government's New Way of Lying to cheat Veterans. It should not be so impossible for Veterans to get the truth from the country they bleed, and die, for.


If you would like to add to this, have any additional information, or want to help,



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