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America's Veterans Are Abused, Tortured, and Mistreated More than Any Race, Religion, or People on Earth
To Help Veterans Everything on this Website May Be Freely Copied, Reprinted, Published and Used by Any Means.

Comcast is engaged in a "Bait and Switch" Con-Game to Defraud America's Disabled Veterans, and Military, durring the Coronavirus Pandemic. [Click here for more!]


Are Disabled Vietnam Veterans Human ?

For fifty (50) years the United States Government has engaged in the Systematic Murder of Disabled Vietnam Veterans, mainly targeting Vietnam Veterans disabled with the Combat Stress Disability "Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder".

Two-thirds of all Vietnam Veterans are now dead.

Fifty-Eight Thousand (58,000) Americans were killed in Vietnam.

Immediately after American Soldiers started returning from Vietnam the United States Government started killing them to "reduce the cost of the Vietnam War".

So far, over Five Hundred Thousand (500,000) Disabled Vietnam Veterans have been knowingly, and intentionally, MURDERED by the United States Government, sometimes with the help of Vietnam Veteran-Hating States like the State of Florida.

At least Three Hundred and Eighty Thousand (380,000) Elderly Disabled Vietnam Veterans were MURDERED with the VA's Criminal Medical Waiting List Con-Game, according to an investigation by the VA Inspector General's Office.

Another One Hundred and Fifty Thousand (150,000) Disabled Vietnam Veterans have been treated so inhuman, and so horribly, by the United States Government that they could not stand to live in this country, and committed Suicide.

Disabled Vietnam Veterans were Tortured, denied Medical Care, and Disability Benefits they EARNED in Combat.

Disabled Vietnam Veterans had their families Tortured, and taken from them, by the United States Government.

Disabled Vietnam Veterans were forced to eat from garbage cans, to bum spare change for food, to sleep in junk cars, in the woods, and under bridges.

America's Disabled Vietnam Veterans have been denied ANY HUMAN RIGHTS, or HUMAN TREATMENT by "Our Government", and life was made so horrible, and inhuman for our Vietnam Vietnams, that One Hundred and Fifty Thousand (150,000) Disabled Vietnam Veterans have committed suicide, and at least another twenty-two Disabled Veterans are driven to suicide each day by the Trump Administration.

READ ON.....

To learn the truth about how "Our Government" has been hiding how Disabled Vietnam Veterans have been, and continue to be, tortured by the United States Government, as told by a Dying, 100% Service-Connected, Elderly Disabled Vietnam Combat Veteran, the Trump Administration is presently MURDERING in an effort to shut him up.


Billy Ray Kidwell
100 % Service-Connected, Disabled Vietnam Veteran


As soon as U.S. Soldiers returned to the States from their Vietnam Service the Army started Torturing, and Abusing Them !   

President Trump has bragged, non-stop, since becoming President, that America's Veterans have never had it so good as they do under his Administration.


Dying Vietnam Veteran Dares Fox News's Tucker Carlson to


President Trump has bragged, non-stop, since becoming President, that America's Veterans have never had it so good as they do under his Administration.

Meanwhile, some Twenty-Two (22) Disabled Veterans commit suicide every day, and most of them leave Suicide Notes explaining how they were driven to suicide by severe discrimination against members of the Military, that became disabled with P.T.S.D. while serving their country in Combat.

The treatment of America's Veterans, disabled with P.T.S.D. caused by the horrors of war, has not improved one bit under President Trump, and in many respects has gotten far worst, and so horrible, that America's Disabled Veterans with P.T.S.D. cannot bear to live under such an Inhuman Uncaring Government, and are committing suicide at every VA Hospital, and VA Regional Office in America.

President Trump, who did his Military Service with other rich kids at the New York Military Academy, renting ponies to ride, and roasting hot dogs at Camp Fire Sing-Alongs, has declared himself a "Wartime President", and publicly stated that "soldiers with P.T.S.D. are weak".

President Trump was 52 on 911 and with his extensive Military Training, renting ponys, eating hot dogs, and singing, I'm sure our Military would have been glad to have someone with so much experience if he had enlisted.

President Trump's Son, Donald Jr., was 20 years old on 911, and could've enlisted after 911, but instead decided to live in a truck in Aspen, Colorado, a popular retreat for Celebrities, where he protected America by skiing, hunting, and fishing, with the rich, and famous.

Billy Kidwell, an Elderly, Dying, Disabled Vietnam Combat Veteran with P.T.S.D., so severe he suffers Stress-Caused Bleeding Ulcers, and Stress-Caused Heart Attacks, is dying from Severe Stress-Caused Damage to his Heart from his P.T.S.D., challenges Tucker Carlson to expose the Non-Stop Crimes against America's Disabled Veterans by the Trump Administration, and dares President Trump to debate Kidwell  live on the Tucker Carlson Show.

Note: 27,498 Disabled Veterans Have Been Driven to Suicide Since Trump Took Office.


The Department of Defense, Veterans Administration, and Justice Department Ignore the Law and Murder Disabled Veterans!


For the past Fifty (50) Years, at least Three (3) Federal Agencies, the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Justice Department, have refused to comply with the United States Constitution, or respect the rights of members of the Military that became disabled in combat from Medical Stress Disorders.

Those Three (3) Agencies have refused to comply with Federal Laws, or the Intent of Congress, and the Public, and have, in effect, overthrown our Democratcy, by committing Horrific, Inhuman Crimes against America's Military Veterans, Torturing them, Destroying their Lives, and in many cases also destroying the Lives of their Families, to punish our troops from becoming disabled in war, fighting for our country.

At an absolute minimum over One Hundred Thousand (100,000) Disabled American Veterans have been intentionally driven to suicide by a government that would rather see America's Soldiers blow their brains out at VA Hospitals, and VA Regional Offices, then to treat them like human beings, and pay them the benefits they EARNED.

An IG Investigation has exposed that another Three Hundred, and Eighty Thousand (380,000) Elderly Disabled Veterans have been Tortured, and MURDERED with the VA's "Medical Waiting List Con-Game".

Read on, you are going to be shocked at the Inhuman Way America's War Heroes have been Torured, and Murdered, by our own government.

And how the crimes against those that provide us with our freedom, continues!


The U.S. Army has Contributed to the Deaths of One Hundred Thousand Soldiers!

For the past Fifty (50) Years, America's Military has Discriminated Against, Tortured, and Murdered, tens of thousands of soldiers, to punish them for becoming disabled with P.T.S.D., while defending our country in Combat.

The Military has done this by engaging in Medical Deprivation, and Other Torture, against America's Troops, by violating laws, such as 10 U.S.C. §1553, and committing all sorts of crimes against Soldiers who become Disabled with P.T.S.D. in Combat, such as the Military's “Bad Paper Discharge Con-Game by the Military against Soldiers Disabled with P.T.S.D.”, and other Con-Games, which violate the Constitutional, and Administrative Procedure Act Rights, of America's Soldiers.

The Inhuman Treatment of America's Soldiers by the Department of Defense is a National Disgrace, and rivals the War Crimes committed by the NAZI's during World War II.

the Administra. engaged A a nationwide “Bad Paper Discharge Con-Game by the Military against Soldiers Disabled with P.T.S.D.”, has been exposed recently in the Courts in Monk v. Mabus, Case 3:14-CV-00260 (filed March 3, 2014), Kennedy v. Spear, Case 3:16-CV-02010-WWE (filed April 17, 2017),    Kennedy v. Esper, (filed April 17, 2017), and  Manker v. Spencer, Case 3:18-CV-00372-CSH (filed March 2, 2018).

A National Disgrace

In Mock v. Mabus, the Secretary of Defense at that time, Chuck Hagel, admitted to the Court that Veterans disabled in Combat with Post-Traumatic Stress, had been severely wronged, and discriminated against by the Military in the Discharge Process, in violation of the Administrative Procedure Act, and on September 3, 2014 Secretary Hagel issued a “Memorandum for Secretaries of the Military Departments” requiring a liberal policy of reviewing Military Discharges in which P.T.S.D. could have caused the conduct resulting in the Bad Paper Discharge.

There was a substantial amount of exposure in the National News Media, and a loud outcry from the public, and Congressional Leaders, about the Military’s Hateful Crimes towards Military Members disabled in Combat with P.T.S.D., and Congress on December 19, 2014, guided by Monk v. Mabus, codified most of the Chuck Hagel Memorandum in 10 United States Code §1553.

Despite the Chuck Hagel Memorandum, despite the public outcry, and despite the clear intent of Congress in codifying 10 United States Code §1553, the Military, including the United States Army, has decided that America is not a Democracy, that the Military really controls this country, and have refused to comply, or make any attempt to comply with the Chuck Hagel Memorandum, or the intent of Congress in 10 United States Code §1553.

This blatant disrespect for our Constitution, for Congress, for the will of the public, for America’s Laws (10 U.S.C. §1553), and for the Due Process, and Statutory Rights, of America’s Veterans, disabled with P.T.S.D. has directly contributed to driving over One Hundred Thousand (100,000) Disabled Vietnam Veterans to commit suicide.

at least Three (3) Federal Agencies, the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Justice Department, have refused to comply with the United States Constitution, or respect the rights of members of the Military that became disabled in combat from Medical Stress Disorders.

Because of all the corruption in the Washington D.C. Swamp America's Politicans always appoint members of the Eliet Rich, and Powerful Class, to control our Military.

The Secretary of Defense, and Secretaries of each branch of service, are part of this eliet class.

$243,000 Tax Dollars for Navy Secretary Thomas Modly to fly to Guam on a luxery C-37B VIP, a Modified Gulfstream Jet that costs $6,946.19 an hour to fly (the flight to Guam took about 35 hours for a total cost of $243,151.65.)


President Trump's Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, a slimy former Defense Lobbyest for Raytheon, refuses to respect the rights of soldiers disabled with P.T.S.D. as he victimizes Veterans Disabled with P.T.S.D. with Criminal obey the law .

Those Suicides Could've Been Easily Avoided!


Veteran Suicide Notes Explain Everything

It is estimated that at least Twenty-Two (22) Veterans commit Suicide every day. That's one every Sixty-Five (65) Minutes!

Most of these Veteran Suicides take place at VA Facilities, in VA Hospitals, and VA Parking Lots, and at VA Regional Offices, because the dying Veteran wants to make a statement explaining why he died.

Many of those Veterans leave a Suicide Note, and nearly every one of those Suicide Notes blame the extensive corruption in the VA for their Suicide.

With the Suicide Note the Veteran often leaves a copy of their VA Records and evidence of the VA cheating them, and destroying their life.

Yet the deaths at Veteran Hospitals, and tens of thousands of Suicide Notes, are hid from the public by the government.

The evidence of VA Corruption driving the Veteran to suicide is covered up.

And Not One Case of a Disabled Veteran being Intentionally Driven to Suicide by Corrupt VA Officials has ever been investigated by the United States Department of Justice, or prosecuted.

It's Not Just the VA

Although the VA is the main Government Agency driving Veterans to suicide, it's like the "Perfect Storm for Killing Veterans", where the VA is just a part of the problem, and it seems like everyone is trying to drive Disabled Veterans to Suicide.

The Inhuman Abuse of America's Veterans starts in the Military, where Soldiers returning from Vietnam with Combat Stress Disabilities, we now know is P.T.S.D., were Tortured, and given "Bad Paper Discharges" by the Military, to punish them for being disabled with P.T.S.D., instead of those soldiers being provided with needed Medical Care for their Combat Stress Disorder.

For the past Fifty (50) Years the Military has been extremely Dishonest, and Corrupt, about its Inhuman Treatment, and Torture, of soldiers returning from Vietnam disabled with Combat Stress Disorders.

The Inhuman Dishonest Treatment of Veterans with P.T.S.D. continues by the VA when the former soldier tries to get VA Medical Care, and VA Benefits, after he is discharged.

The Disabled Veteran with P.T.S.D. loses his family, and is forced to sleep in the woods, and under bridges, homeless, and starving, because the VA is corrupt and cheats Disabled Veterans out of the VA Benefits they Earned.

The Disabled Veteran then finds he has No Rights, and that the United States Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, hates Disabled Veterans, and will NOT enforce the ADA Disability Rights of Disabled Veteran, or investigate when the VA commits crimes against Disabled Veterans, driving tens of thousands of Disabled Veterans to Suicide, or Murdering Disabled Veterans with Illegal Medical Care Waiting Lists.

Even the House, and Senate Committees on Veterans Affairs, and the President of the United States, ignore the rights of America's Disabled Veterans, and closes their eyes as One Hundred Thousand (100,000) Disabled Vietnam Veterans were Intentionally Driven to Suicide, while another Three Hundred and Eight Thousand (380,000) Elderly, Disabled Veterans were Murdered by the VA with Illegal VA Medical Care Waiting Lists.

In America we tell Veterans "Thanks for your service" and then we close our eyes as they are treated nearly as horrible as the Jews were treated by the NAZI's in WW II, as our corrupt Military, works with the VA to Intentionally Drive a whole Class of Citizens, our Elderly Disabled Vietnam Veterans with Combat Stress Disabilities, to Suicide, while "Dirty Cops", and Extremely Racist, Disabled Veteran-Hating Attorneys in the United States Department of Justice, covers up the Systematic Murder of America's Elderly, Disabled, Vietnam Veterans, and refuses to enforce their Rights, because of their Military Service.

Why Isn't the Corruption Stopped?

If a culture of corruption in the Department of Veterans Affairs is cheating tens of thousands of Disabled Veterans out of the VA Benefits they EARNED, and is destroying Veterans Lives, driving Twenty-Two (22) Disabled Veterans a day to commit Suicide, then WHY isn't there an investigation, WHY isn't the corruption cleaned up, and WHY aren't the criminals working for the VA prosecuted?

It would be simple to clean up the VA Corruption.

The VA falsifies VA Records to cheat Disabled Veterans out of their benefits, shreds VA Records, conceals evidence favorable to the Veteran, uses Dilatory Tactics, waiting for the Disabled Veteran to die before processing their VA Benefits Claim, suborns Perjury, and commits Perjury in Court when a Veteran sues the VA.

All those "tactics" the VA uses are Federal Crimes, yet no VA Official is ever investigated, or placed in prison.

It would be simple to clean up the widespread Corruption in the United States Military.

We need to fire, and INVESTIGATE, the extremely Corrupt, Elietest, Political, Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, the Corrupt, Elietest, Political Secretaries of each branch of Service, and their rotten Attorneys, and appoint Honest Individuals that are responsive to the public, that care about our troops that put their lives on the line for this country.

It would be

And instead of wasting Taxpayer Dollars on Non-Stop Frivolious "Selective", and Bias, Political Investigations, we need an INDEPENDANT Investigation of the Attorney General, William Barr, and his Bias, Dishonest, Veteran-Hating United States Department of Justice.

The VA's Illegal Medical Waiting List Murders

An investigation by the VA Inspector General has determined that the VA has Murdered at least Three Hundred and Eighty Thousand (380,000) Elderly, Disabled Veterans with an Illegal Medical Waiting List Con Game used by Corrupt VA Officials to get massive bonuses from the VA.

Not only has not even one VA Official been charged, tried, and put in prison for the Murders, but the VA Officials caught Murdering Three Hundred Thousand (300,000) Elderly, Disabled Veterans were still paid Massive Bonuses!

The only answer that makes sense is that the United States Government WANTS it's Disabled Veterans cheated out of the VA Benefits they Earned, WANTS thousands of Disabled Veterans to be Intentionally Driven to Suicide, and Murdered with Illegal Medical Waiting Lists, and WANTS the Suicides to continue.

Over Five Hundred Thousand Disabled Veterans Murdered to Reduce the Cost of War!

Over One Hundred Thousand (100,000) Disabled Vietnam Veterans have been driven to suicide, and another Three Hundred and EightyThousand (380,000) were killed with Illegal Medical Waiting Lists in 2015 according to the VA Inspector General.

Today that number is far in excess of Five Hundred Thousand (500,000) Disabled Veterans Intentionally Murdered by our government.

That's OVER half a Million Disabled Veterans that didn't get the years of VA Medical Care they Earned, or years of VA Compensation Checks, or Pensions.

The Systematic Mass Murder of half a Million Disabled Veterans saves the VA at least Twenty Billion Dollars ($20,000,000,000.00) every year, substantially reducing the cost of the Vietnam War.

In just Five (5) Years that can be a savings of One Hundred Billion Dollars ($100,000,000,000) vastly reducing the cost of war.

The Military Industrial Complex loves that, as do their Lobbyists, and America's Politicans, who profit off the Lobbyists.

The Army's Bad Paper Con Game

But it's not just the VA that's murdering Disabled Veterans to reduce the cost of war.

The Crimes towards America's Disabled Veterans STARTS in the Military with a "Military Bad Paper Con Game", and later continues as the Military helps the VA defraud Disabled Veterans out of their Benefits with an "Illegal Article 15 Con Game".

Discrimination Against Disabled Veterans by the Justice Department

The United States Department of Justice, and United States Attorney General, will NOT investigate the Government's Forced Suicides, or illegal VA Medical Waiting Lists., and are "Accessories After the Fact".

To "assist" the Military, and VA, in driving Disabled Veterans to suicide the Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice refuses to enforce the Civil Rights of Elderly, Disabled Vietnam Veterans, or the Americans with Disabilities Act Rights of Disabled Veterans.

In Florida Disabled Veterans needing a Service Dog are not allowed on a beach to watch the sunset, in a Public Park, or allowed in Walmart, Publix, ALDI's, and other stores to shop.

Disabled Veterans needing Service dogs may only sit at home and wait to die.

It's All Proven by Suicide Notes

These Government Forced Suicides, and Murders, are proven by tens of thousands, of Suicide Notes, and "Dying Declarations", left by Disabled Veterans as they committed suicide at VA Facilities all over America.

The Suicide Notes are often supported by thousands of stacks of Evidence, left by Disabled Veterans, as they committed Suicide at VA Facilities.

Billy Kidwell has filed Formal Freedom of Information Act Requests for copies of the tens of thousands of Suicide Notes so he can post them here for the Public to see but the Trump Administration, the Department of Veterans Affairs, Attorney General, William Barr, and the United States Department of Justice, are all hiding those Suicide Notes from the Public to cover-up WHY Twenty-Two (22) Veterans a day commit suicide.

As soon as we can get a copy of the Suicide Notes we will post them here.


The Suicides WILL STOP if we Simply Stop the Many Crimes  Being Committed Against Disabled Veterans by Our Government, and

Our Government was founded with the best ideas on earth.

But for at least fifty (50) years there has been NO MEANING OVERSIGHT, and America's Courts have become corrupt, taking bribes, and doing favors for Politicans, and Corporations, as the First Amendment Right of Citizens to exercise "Meaningful" Access to America's Courts has been completely taken away.

No Disabled Veteran or Poor Person has a First Amendment Right to Access the Courts because America's Courts only allow "Meaningful" Access to those rich enough to afford an Attorney.

The two Political Parties, the Democrats, and Republicans, have become like two MAFIA Crime Families, corrupt to the core, stealing our country blind, as they take bribes from lobbyists, and get insider information to get rich off the stock market.

Neither Political Party cares about people, except at election time, which is why the government is so corrupt.

The Military, and especally the Army, is controlled by corrupt politicans, secretly stealing Billions, and Billions of dollars with outragious Military Contracts (remember the $10,000 hammer?) as Billions of Taxpayer Dollars "Disappear" in Iraq, and other war zones.

The Corrupt Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Army, and General Counsel of the Army has received proof of Army Corruption in a "Bad Paper Army Con Game", and a Criminal "Article 15 Con Game", and they REFUSE to stop breaking the law, and to stop harming America's Disabled Veterans.

The Attorney General of the United States, and the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department, were given Indisputable Evidence of Disabled Veterans being denied their American with Disability Act Rights in Florida, and the Attorney General, and Justice Department, absolutely refuse to protect the rights of America's Disabled Veterans.

When Billy Kidwell contacts the House, and Senate Committees on Veterans Affairs they refuse to answer his Complaint Letters.

President Trump brags, non-stop, that Veterans have never had it as good as they have it under his Administration, and yet President Trump refuses to even answer Complaint Letters from Disabled Veterans, and he has made the VA more corrupt than it has been at any time in history, filling the VA with his friends to repay Political Favors.



The Solution.......

It is Election Time!

We need to UNITE as many Veterans as possible, and all their families, and friends, and all the Veterans Groups, into
ONE VOICE demanding that our government be cleaned up, that their be REAL Oversight, and Demand that the Government Crimes, and Inhuman Treatment of America's Disabled Veterans Stop!

Americans, and Our Veterans, deserve a far better government then we have.

They deserve Honesty, and Fair Treatment.

Treat Veterans fair, and like they are humans, and the Suicides will stop!


Click Here to Read, "It all Starts with the Military!" next.



To the VA Nothing!

Eating Out of Garbage Cans

After returning from Vietnam, and fifty (50) years of lies, corruption, the destruction of my family, eating out of garbage cans, and sleeping under bridges, while VA Officials tried to drive me to suicide, I have learned, Beyond Any Doubt, that every Secretary that has been appointed by the VA in the past fifty years, and every VA Attorney, has been corrupt, and do not believe Veterans are human, and deserve rights.

For fifty years every VA Secretary, and every VA Attorney, has done everything they can to kill Disabled Veterans, from targeting Disabled Combat Veterans, Medically Unable to Stand Stress, and causing them as much stress as possible to drive them to suicide, or by using Medical Waiting Lists to kill Elderly, Disabled Veterans that need Medical Care to live.

The Secretary of the VA, and Attorneys in the VA Office of General Counsel, do not consider the life of a Disabled Veteran to be worth a single penny!

It would be easy to clean up the VA's Culture of Corruption by simply enforcing laws that make it a crime to falsify Federal VA Records, or hide, or illegally destroy Veterans VA Records as the VA often does.

The VA stays corrupt because every VA Secretary has been corrupt, and the VA only hires corrupt Attorneys, willing to suborn Perjury, use Perjury, conceal all evidence favorable to the Veteran, and willing, and eager, to lie in any Federal Court to cheat a Disabled Veteran.

The VA is controlled by the lowest form of humans on earth, if they can even be considered human.


And it will never change until all Veterans, and Veterans Groups, UNITE together, and we demand that the mass murder of America's Disabled Veterans, by our OWN Government, stops.

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