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America's Veterans Are Abused, Tortured, and Mistreated More than Any Race, Religion, or People on Earth
To Help Veterans Everything on this Website May Be Freely Copied, Reprinted, Published and Used by Any Means.

22,528 Veterans have committed Suicide
Since President Trump took office on January 21, 2017



As he lies and uses America's Veterans in a Fraud Scheme to Get Political Donations

Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud, and Election Fraud by President Donald Trump

President Trump loves to brag about how great he is.

At his Political Rallies Trump claims that, thanks to him, America's Veterans have never had it so good.

The President knows that those claims are out, and out lies, Acts of Intentional Fraud by President Trump, intended to deceive the public about how the Trump Administration abuses, tortures, and drives some twenty-two (22) Disabled Veterans each day to suicide.

It is all a Con Game to swindle the public out of their money, by making Trump Supporters believe that by making large Political Donations to Trump, they are "helping Veterans".

President Trump uses Television (mostly Fox News) to broadcast his Dishonest Political Rallies on television, while he also uses Radio, the Internet, E-Mails, and the U.S. Mail, all to swindle the Public with his lies about how great he treats Veterans, and to use his Veteran Con Game asking for donations, his donors believe are helping Veterans.

It should be noted that the Republician Party is a partner in this fraud with President Trump, and that together President Trump, and the Republican Party have reaped hundreds of millions of dollars by Fraudulently Claiming that "thanks to President Trump, Veterans have never had it so good".

With just the Trump Re-election Donations, President Trump, and the Republician Party, reaped over One Hundred and Five Million Dollars ($105,000,000.00) in Political Donations by fraudulently claiming they have made the lives of Veterans great. [Click here.]

It's sick for President Trump to brag, and swindle the public out of tens of Millions of Dollars in Political Donations, by lying and fraudulently claiming, Veterans have never had it so good, while President Trump;

1. Doesn't respond to letters from Disabled Veterans having problems with the Trump Administration.

2. While President Trump's Justice Department treats America's Disabled Veterans like they are "Less than Human and don't deserve even the most basic Human Rights, or Disability Rights", as Trump's Justice Department DISCRIMINATES against Disabled Veterans, and refuses to enforce their ADA Disability Rights.

3. VA Service Center Managers, VA Regional Directors, the General Counsel of the VA, and the Secretary of the VA, refuse to even respond to letters, and Complaints, from Disabled Veterans, and should Disabled Veterans provide Indisputable Evidence to those VA Officials proving that the VA has violated the law to defraud the Disabled Veteran out of benefits, those Named VA Officials STILL refuse to respond to the Veteran's Complaint as they cover-up the crimes, and misconduct by VA Officials, as they continue to knowingly, and intentionallt, cheat the Veteran.

4. There are no honest Upper-Level VA Officials, from the Service Center Manager to the Secretary of the VA, Upper-Lever VA Management are all crooks, and scumbags, and VA Officials are actually paid massive bonuses, as a reward for cheating Disabled Veterans.

5. While President Trump has packed the Department of Veterans Affairs with the most Despicable, Low-Life, Veteran-Hating, Political Crooks he could find. [Click here to read about President Trump's "friend" Peter O'Rourke who was paid four thousand dollars ($4,000.00) a week NOT TO WORK, or even show up in his office.]

6. And after President Trump appointed a Veteran-Hating, White Supremacist, "Sons of the Confederacy Leader", Robert Wilkie, as the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

7. Research, and Gallup Polls show that Veterans have a much lower quality of life that active military, and civilians.

8. 37,800 Veterans are homeless, sleeping in the woods, under bridges, and on sidewalks in President Trump's America, eating out of garbage cans, and going hungry, with some starving.

9. VA Medical wait lists still exist at most VA Hospitals, killing Veterans.

10. Every day twenty-two (22) Veterans commit suicide because they cannot stand living in Trump's America.

Most of those Veterans are Older Vietnam Veterans that have been tortured by years of VA dishonesty, corruption, and years of Federal Crimes being committed against them by VA Officials, while the VA Inspector General covers up the VA's Crimes, and the Justice Department discriminates against Veterans, encouraging the abuse of Elderly Disabled Veterans.

Most of the recent Republician Party, and President Trump's Re-Election Donations, should go to Disabled Veterans harmed by the Trump Administration, like the donor intended.

Life for an Elderly, Disabled Vietnam Veteran in Trump's America is nothing less than torture, and President Trump, and the Republican Party, know they are intentionally lying, to defraud the Public out of Political Donations, when President Trump claims, at his massive Political Rallies that "Veterans have never had it so good".

For the Republican Party, and President Trump, lying and using America's Disabled Veterans to defraud the public out of massive amounts of Political Donations, has never been so good!



President Trump's VA Secretary, Robert Wilkie, idolizes Confederate President, Jefferson Davis, whom Robert Wilkie says "was a Martyr to the lost cause", and reveres Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

VA Secretary, Robert Wilkie, strongly supports slavery, publically saying that "abolitionists that opposed slavery were radical enemies of liberty".

Robert Wilkie made it clear that he hates Veterans, and only accepted the job as VA Secretary, as a stepping stone to a higher Military Job as head of the Pentagon.

That's his real goal.

President Trump went out of his way to appoint the very worst person he could find to be Secretary of the VA, to assure Disabled Veterans would continue to be cheated, and denied adequate medical care.

VA Secretary, Robert Wilkie, is not only a racist, but he is also a "Rich Kid Elitist" who believes that America's Disabled Veterans are far benieth him, and not deserving of benefits, so he refuses to respond to letters from lowly Disabled Veterans.

And when presented with indisputable evidence that the VA is cheating a Disabled Veteran, or committing crimes against a Disabled Veteran, Secretary Wilkie ignores the evidence, and continues cheating, and abusing the Veteran.

For President Trump to brag that "Veterans have never had it so good", to defraud the public out of Millions of Dollars in Political Donations, when Trump has made the Department of Veterans Affairs far more dishonest, and corrupt, than it has ever been, as his Administration drives Twenty-Two (22) Disabled Veterans to suicide each day, constitutes Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud, and Election Fraud.


President Trump, and Veterans Groups are Getting Rich Off Dead Veterans!

The Sucide Note of Daniel Somers

Daniel Somers is a true hero.

He suffered more than any human should have to. And when he could bear it no more he demostrated more Ethics, more Honesty, and more Honor, than any Politician, or Government Official, America has ever had. And that is sad.

Daniel Somers, like many Veterans, was forced to do things that conflicted with his sense of right, and wrong,

durring war causing him to suffer what we now call Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

To make it worst, he returned to a very uncaring government, with a Veteran Claims Process so dishonest, and uncaring, the VA (now Department of Veterans Affairs) makes Mafia Crime Families look honest.

Daniel Somers Suicide Note describes how he went beyond the call of duty, and how our
OWN government, how the United States Government turned around and deserted him.

Daniel Somers explains how he did not receive the medication he needs for pain. The VA has done this to all of its Disabled Veterans.

Disabled Veterans with injuries, that were receiving pain killers to make the injury bearable have had their pain killers stopped by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

And yet bums in America, too lazy to work, on Welfare, can get all the pain killers they want from Welfare Doctors.

Daniel Somers explained how for twenty (20) years the VA lied, and denied he suffered illnesses from combat, and how he deserved, but did not get, needed medical care for his many Severe Brain Injuries.

Daniel Somers then accuses the government of driving Twenty-Two (22) Disabled Veterans to suicide each day, and how those numbers will not decline until the government has killed all of the Disabled Veterans, and yet no one seems to care.

His suicide note states "That is more Veterans killed, every single day, than children killed at Sandy Hook."

"Where are the huge Policy Initiatives?" "Why isn't the President standing with those families at the State of the Union?"

Every Veteran in America, and every person that cares about our Military, and our Veterans, needs to read the Suicide Note of Daniel Somers, at least a dozen times, because that note is accurare, and full of wisdom, exposing how very corrupt, and dishonest, America's Politicians, and the Department of Veterans Affairs, treat her Veterans, those that provide the very Umbrella of Freedom we all live under. [Click here to read the Daniel Somers Sucide Note].

In his final act Daniel Somers, a REAL Hero, provided us with the truth, and imposed on each of us a DUTY to unite against our Politicians, and the "Establishment", demanding better for those who have provided us with so much.


The Suicide Note of Marine Colonel Jim Turner

On December 10, 2018 Retired Marine Colonel, Jim Turner, put on his dress uniform, and medals, and drove to the Bay Pines Regional Office with one final mission.

Colonel Jim Turner could no longer stand the horrible life of being a Disabled Veteran, with P.T.S.D., dealing with a VA Benefits System that is inhuman, and corrupt to the core.

Colonel Turner wanted his final act to help fellow Veterans so he carefully composed a Suicide Note, a "Dying Declaration", blasting the VA for failing to help him, as he accused the VA of being responsible for at least 90% of the twenty-two (22) Veteran Suicides each day.

Colonel Jim Turner, who knows what he is talking about, and is extremely respected by the Veteran Community, as his last act wanted to expose the never-ending "Culture of Corruption" in the Department of Veterans Affairs that drives twenty-two (22) Veterans to suicide each day.

On October 7, 2019 another Disabled Veteran commited suicide at the same Regional Office almost exactly like Colonel Turner, bringing his records to prove VA Corruption, sitting on his records, leaving a Note blaming the VA, and then killing himself. [Click here to read article].

Colonel Turner's Suicide Noted stated "I bet if you look at the twenty-two (22) Veteran Suicides each day you will se the VA screwed up in 90% of the cases".


The Thousands, and Thousands, of Suicide Notes the VA is Hiding!

For the past Forty-Nine (49) Years the VA has been torturing, Billy Kidwell, the founder of, knowing that he is Medically Unable to Stand Stress, trying to cause his death to get out of paying him the VA Benefits he EARNED.

The VA has lied non-stop, hid Kidwell's VA Records, shredded his VA Claim File, several times, falsified VA Records, and refused to obey Federal Laws that required the VA to pay Billy Kidwell VA Benefits, and lied to Federal Judges when Kidwell sued the VA.

And when Billy Kidwell won on his Appeal to the VA Board of Appeals the VA his the Judgment Order, and has refused to comply with the Order for over Twenty-Five (25) Years.

The VA got by with this by non-stop lies, more crimes against Kidwell, and because in the past Forty-Nine (49) Years the VA his hired nothing but Politicans "Friends" who get paid Millions, and Millions of Dollars in Bonsuses to commit crimes against Disabled Veterans to STEAL the Benefits they Earned.

Meanwhile, these corrupt VA Officials, appointed by the Politicans in Washington, have acted like kids let loose in a Candy Store, stealing hundreds of Millions of Dollars with all kinds of schemes, from kickbacks for giving out crazy, outragious Contracts, such as where the VA paid over $800,000 to rent Hospital Beds the VA could buy for $12,000.

I can assure you some VA Official got a very big kickback for that!

The VA Targets helpless Disabled Veterans, MEDICALLY UNABLE TO STAND STRESS, and commits all kinds of dishonest, and often criminal acts, against the Veteran causing the Veteran to be unable to support his family, to buy food, or pay rent, and the VA continues these crimes until the Disabled Veteran either gives up trying to get the Benefits they EARNED, or the Disabled Veteran is driven to suicide by the VA.

So far, the VA has driven over One Hundred Thousand (100,000) Disabled Vietnam Veterans to suicide.

over a hundred thousand Disabled Veterans have been driven to suicide by the VA, and a very substantial number have left Suicide Notes blaming the VA.

WHERE are all those Suicide Notes, and WHY is the VA concealing them?

Most important, WHY does the VA, and the VA Inspector General, refuse to investigate all those hundreds of thousands of deaths, and all those Dying Declarations claiming the VA drove all those Disabled Veterans to their deaths?


President Trump's Justice Department Discriminates Against Disabled Veterans and Refuses to Enforce ADA Disability Rights for Veterans

Disabled Veterans have no ADA Disability Rights Because of Trump's Justice Department

Disabled Veterans needing Service Dogs cannot go to a Beach, or Park, or shop in Florida.

Disabled Veterans are sporatically harassed, publically embarassed, and threatened with arrest when they try to shop at Publix, Walmart, ALDI's, and other stores in Florida with a Service Dog. [Click to see video of how Disabled Veterans needing a Service Dog are treated at Walmarts in Florida.]

The United States Department of Justice has a Statutory Duty to enforce the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that provides Equal Access to State, and Public Facilities for the Disabled.

However, under President Trump the U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, will not respond to ADA Complaints from Disabled Veterans, or make any attempt to investigate, or to protect the Disability Rights of Disabled Veterans.

It is the view of President Trump, and his Justice Department, that Elderly, Disabled, Vietnam Combat Veterans are NOT Human, and do NOT deserve any Human Rights.

President Trump's Justice Department quickly protects the rights of all Minoraties, Gays, Women, hell the Justice Department will even fight for the rights of Terrorists that have killed Americans that are housed at Guantanamo Bay in Cubia.

But Trumps Justice Deparetment cannot stand the idea of letting an Elderly, Disabled, Vietnam Combat Veteran sit on a beach in Florida with his Service Dog, visit a park in Florida, shop in a store, buy food, eat in a resturant, or have any Human Rights.

Disabled Veterans in Trump's America are only allowed to sit at their home, counting the minutes,
Waiting to Die.

President Trump, and his Administration, does not consider America's Disabled Combat Veterans to be Human, or Deserving of Basic Human Rights.


To Understand the Veteran Suicide Problem You Need to Read How Horrible Disabled Veterans are Treated by the Department of Veterans Affairs


President Trump promised that if he was elected that he would stop the mistreatment of America's Disabled Veterans.

I had just gotten out of Intensive Care at the Bay Pines VA Hospital for a Stress-Caused Heart Attack, and needed my Service Dogs to shop, because they are trained to calm me durring P.T.S.D. Anxiety Attacks, and could save my life if I started having another Stress-Caused Heart Attack.

There was no problem when shopping with my Service-Dogs however when I went to pay for the items I was purchasing the Walmart Cashier attacked me, and kept yelling at me for having Service Dogs, after I told her I had just gotten out of intensive care for a Stress-Caused Heart Attack.

I told the cashier I had a right pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act to have Service Dogs, and needed to speak to a manager.

The cashier went off the deep end screaming that Walmart doesn't go by the Americans with Disabilities because it is Private Property, and she called for store security.

My daughter helped me to the returns desk where I asked to see the Store Manager, and while waiting for the manager to arrive Walmart Security ran up and start pushing me, and threatening me, telling me I couldn't see the manager, that Walmart is Private Property and doesn't go by Disability Laws.

As Walmart Security pushed me trying to make me run out of the store, when I can't even walk without my VA Walker, or leaning on a shopping cart, my heart started hurting, and I started getting dizzy, and short on breath.

I called the Charlotte County Sheriff because I was assaulted, and it is a crime in Florida (See FS. 413.08(4)) to harass a disabled person needing a Service Dog, and I have an ADA Right to shop, even if I am disabled from serving my country.

The Charlotte County Sheriff arrived, and kept making up different lies, first saying I violated Federal Health Laws by having a Service Dog in a store that sold groceries.

Then he said I endangered lives by having dogs in a shopping cart that carries food.

When I pointed out the cart I was using was next to my car when I parked, with a half full, open bag of Cow Manure in it, that I put in the garbage can, he made up a new lie saying I was cussing, and loud.

Walmart Security said they had video of the whole incident, the door where Store Security pushed me, the cash register where the cashier started it, and the return area of Walmart where I asked to see a manager.

I requested both Walmart Management, and the Charlotte County Sheriff, that the video be filed with the Trespass. [Video of me asking the Charlotte County Sheriff to preserve the video of the cashier, the door, and the return area.]

Both Walmart, and the Charlotte County Florida Sheriff are concealing the video.

I wrote the ADA Section of the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department explaining I was deathly ill, and had just gotten out of Intensive Care at the VA Hospital, and was attacked by Walmart for needing a Service Dog, and suffered another Stress-Caused Heart Attack, because of the attack on me by Walmart, and the Charlotte County Sheriff, for being a Disabled Veteran.

While the United States Department of Justice had a long list of minority individuals posted on the U.S. Department of Justice Website for ADA Violations that the Justice Department filed suit for, I was discriminated against by the Justice Department and told the"the Justice Department doesn't have the funds to enforce ADA Rights for Disabled Veterans".

If I wasn't a Disabled Veteran the Justice Department would have protected my ADA Rights!

I immediately wrote President Trump and waited two (2) months, and then wrote him again, sending copies to the First Lady, to President Trumps son, to the Vice President.

I waited six (6) months and still didn't get a single reply.

Upset I wrote the Attorney General of the United States, and the ADA Section of the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department asking for records of every Disabled Veteran the Justice Department had protected ADA Disability Rights for.

After about four (4) months and several more letters, that Justice Department responded that they had no records of the Justice Department ever protecting the ADA Rights of Disabled Veterans.

The Trump Administration refused to respond to most of my letters, and absolutely refused to protect the ADA Rights of Disabled Veterans.

President Trump had been lying at his Political Rallies about how great Veterans had it under his administration, and how his Administration supported Disabled Veterans.

saying that I  been jumped on by Walmart It was determined that I had another Stress-Caused Heart Attack and damage to my heart because of the Police HarassmentWalmart banned me from Walmart for life for needing Service

Attorney General, William Barr, says that the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department does not have the funds to protect Disabled Veterans Rights.

But the Justice Department has endless money for Political Investigations, endless money to protect the rights of terrorists at Guantanamo, endless money to protect the rights of illegals, minorities, and gays.

The only group the United States Department of Justice has no funds to protect the rights of is Disabled American Veterans!
Florida State Educational Benefits for Dependants of Dead, and 100% Disabled Veterans, pursuant to F.S. 295.01, is stolen from Dead, and Disabled Veterans Dependants, by the State of Florida.

Former Governor, Rick Scott, a close friend of President Trump, used the money to pay for his re-election rallies, and to "Buy Votes" by giving every Veteran in Florida a State Medal durring his re-election rallies, with Educational Funds he stole from the Dependants of Dead, and 100% Disabled Veterans. has a well-written article describing the Veterans Administration's Ninty-Five (95) Year History of Corruption, and the agency's long disrespect for Federal Laws, and the rights of Disabled Veterans.

Billy Kidwell, the founder of, a Veteran Activist, and a 100% Service-Connected Disabled Vietnam Veteran, has fought VA Corruption since his Army Discharge in 1970, documenting both widespread corruption in the VA, and Criminal Schemes by the VA to cause the deaths of Veterans to reduce the cost of war, by defrauding, cheating, and killing America's Disabled Veterans.


Have YOU been discriminated against by the Court for Being a Veteran?
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