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Veterans Rights Heroes


JIM MARSHALL who as a Freshman Congressman from Georgia stood up and was the leader on the Disabled Veterans Tax, also know as "Concurrect Reciept".

SUE FRASIER who has worked tirelessly, and is the leader, in fighting for rights for the victims of Toxic Exposure at Fort McClellan. She is the most active defender of Female Veterans Rights in America today, and has appeared on TV, on Radio, and in the Mews Media fighting for fair, and equal, treatment for Female Veterans exposed to Toxins.

BILL GAST founder of the "We Support the Vets" website that went online in 1995 and quickly became one of the leaders fighting the Disabled Veterans Tax, and other injustices against America's Disabled Veterans.

RONALD NESLER of the "VA is Lying" Billboard Fame. The biggest threat to crooks in the government is the light. Ronald Nesler will go down in history as being a Veteran, and American Patriot that has shed a LOT of light on those in our government wronging America's Veterans.

EACH UNNAMED VETERAN that has quietly, without notice, or reward, supported Veterans Causes and stood up to expose the corruption, and to fight for Veterans Rights.

Everyone that has supported Veterans, and fought the good fight for an Honest, Constitutional Government, where individuals have rights, and to stop the top 1%  from overthrowing our Constitutional Government to set up a government where only the rich and powerful have rights, is a Hero.

We Thank You !!!
If someone you know is a Veterans Hero tell us about it below...

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