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The Army & VA's Article 15 Con Game

How Low...Can Our Government Go ????
How the Army & VA, intentionally drove Thousands of Veterans to Suicide, with an Article 15 Con Game, in a scheme to steal their VA Benefits!


For Fifty-Three (53) Years the United States Government has been engaged in the Genocide of Disabled Vietnam Veterans, with Combat Stress Disabilities, using various schemes to reduce the cost of the Vietnam War, by Murdering over Three Hundred and Seven Thousand (307,000) Disabled Veterans with Illegal Medical Waiting Lists, and while intentionally driving thousands, and thousands more Disabled Veterans to suicide.

It is documented that Hitler

Never-Ending Crimes against America's Disabled Vietnam Veterans, destroying the lives of Disabled Veterans, with Combat Stress Disabilities, and destroying their families, to stealand making the Disabled Veteran's Life so horrific that the Disabled Veteran is driven to suicide.

The government scheme to purpose of the Army, and VA's, "Article 15 Con-Game", and "Bad Paper Discharge Con-Game", is to reduce the cost of the Vietnam War, by destroying the lives of thousands, and thousands, of Disabled Veterans, driving them to commit Suicide.

This Criminal Scheme to destroy the lives of Tens of Thousands of Disabled Veterans, driving them to Suicide, could only exist with the knowledge, and approvial, of the Secretary of the Army, the Secretary of the VA, the VA Office of General Counsel, and the Inspector General of the Department of Veterans Affairs, with those Officials being assisted by the United States Department of Justice, and the Federal Courts.

Crooks in the government work together, and cover-up for each other.

Billy Kidwell sent Indisputable Evidence of this "Secret" Article 15 Con-Game to the Saint Petersburg, Florida VA Regional Director, to the Secretary of the VA, to the VA Office of General Counsel, to the VA Inspector General, and to the United States Department of Justice, demanding a full, Criminal Investigation, and Criminal Charges, against all Government Officials involved in their "Criminal Article 15 Con-Game".

None of them responded.

Kidwell also demanded that the thousands, and thousands, of Disabled Veterans, victimized, by having their VA Benefits illegally stolen by the Army, and VA's "Secret" Article 15 Con-Game, be paid the full VA Benefits, including backpayments, that were illegally stolen from them, and that the VA stop driving Disabled Veterans to commit Suicide.

The response of the VA was to immediately terminate Kidwell's Needed, Lifesaving Heart, and Aortic Aneurysm, medical care at the VA, and to put Kidwell on Medical Waiting Lists, for Needed Lifesaving Medical Care, in a scheme to shutup Kidwell, by causing his Death. founder, Billy Kidwell, recently obtained Indisputable Evidence that the United States Army, and former Veterans Administration (now Department of Veterans Affairs), conspired together to defraud, and destroy the lives of thousands of Disabled Vietnam Veterans, stealing their VA Benefits, with an illegal "Article 15 Con-Game", and driving thousands of Veterans to Suicide, while the United States Justice Department covered their crimes up.

During the Vietnam War soldiers entering the Army were told that Company-Level Article 15's are used for only the most minor alleged wrongful conduct.

1. Soldiers were told that Article 15's are "Non-Judicial Punishment" and that Article 15's are Prohibited from being used by the VA, or by any Government Agency, or by the Courts, because they are far less than a Misdemeanor, and NOT a Judicial Conviction, but rather merely a means for the Commander of a Company to impose very minor punishment, usually a small fine, or a little extra duty, for some very minor allegation, such as oversleeping, and being a little late for a formation, parking your car in the wrong spot, or being late returning from a pass, and so on.

2. Soldiers were told that Article 15's do not determine, or have any effect, on a soldier's "Character of Service". [A soldier's Character of Service is actually documented by his Company Commander, in each company, on the Army's Record of Assignment's Form. (Here is what the Record of Assignments Form looks like.)]

3. Soldiers were told that accepting a Company-Level Article 15 was merely accepting Company-Level Punishment, usually a small fine, or a little extra duty, to resolve an allegation of extremely minor misconduct.

4. It should be noted that Company-Level Article 15's were often given when the soldier had done nothing wrong, such as if the soldier's Airplane was late leaving, or snowed in, and the soldier was a little late returning from leave, through no fault of his own.

5. Most important, the soldier was told that All Records of an Article 15 would be destroied when the soldier was transfered to a different assignment, a different Company, and that all Article 15 Records are required to be destroied, within two (2) years of the Article 15 being given. [See Article 15 Exhibit 1, Article 15 Exhibit 2, and Article 15 Exhibit 3.]

All Article 15's accepted by soldiers, were accepted pursuant to the five (5) promises made by the Army, as described above.

Any violation of those five (5) promises, that were made by the Army, rendered the acceptance of the Article 15 to be NOT Voluniteerily, NOT Valid, and to be an Intentional Act of Fraud by the Army.

As proof of how minor Article 15's really are, it should be noted that the most Decorated Soldier of the Vietnam War, Joe Ronnie Hooper, who received the Congressional Medal of Honor, Two (2) Silver Stars, Six (6) Bronze Stars, Eight (8) Purple Hearts, Five (5) Air Medals, and Two Army Commendation Medals received more Article 15's than he did Medals, and the President of the United States said that his Character of Service was as Honorable as it gets.

For the Army, and VA, to claim that having a young, teenaged soldier, nieve, and believing the Five (5) Promises, made by the Army as to Article 15's, accept an Article 15, for some alleged extremely minor Company-Level Conduct, renders the soldier's Character of Service to be "Under Dishonorable Conditions", entitling the VA to steal the many VA Benefits the soldier has EARNED, especally when the soldier has put his life on the line for this country in Combat, is the most Dishonorable Thing, any Country can do, to it's own soldiers.

Please contact us if YOU are a victim of the Army, and VA's Article 15 Con-Game!


We now know, from Billy Kidwell's recently obtained VA Record of Determination of Character of Discharge, that the VA, and Army, hid from Billy Kidwell for Fifty (50) Years, that the Army had no intent of complying with their promises, when they issued Article 15's.

That the Army illegally kept records of Very Minor Company-Level Article 15, and used the Records of those Article 15's, as if they were Federal Judicial Convictions, to fraudulently claim the Character of Army Service by the former soldier, was "Less Than Honorable", to fraudulently get "Bad Paper Army Discharges", approved. [AR 635-200 Administrative Discharges.]

Years after the soldier was discharged the Army secretly provided Illegal Records of Article 15's to the VA, knowing that those Records were Legally Required to have been destroied no later than two (2) years after the Article 15 was issued, and knowing the Army had defrauded the soldier into accepting the Article 15, by promising Records of the Article 15 would never be given to the VA, and promising that all Records of the Article 15 would be destroied, no later than two (2) years after the Article 15 was issued.

The Army Illegally provided those Illegal Records of Article 15's to the VA, knowing the VA would treat those Illegal Records as if the Article 15's were Federal Convictions, instead of very minor "Non-Judicial Punishment", and know the VA would illegally use those Illegal Records to fraudulent claim the Veterans Discharge was under "Dishonorable Conditions".

The Army, and VA, illegally turned an Illegal Record of a very minor incident, that has nothing to do with Character of Service, into a Dishonorable Discharge, the very worst punishment the Military has, destroying the Veteran's Life, while driving thousands of Disabled Veterans into committing suicide.

Clearly, it is the Conduct, and Character, of the United States Army, and the Department of Veterans Affairs, that is extremely DISHONORABLE!


When soldiers returned from the Vietnam War, the Army denied Soldiers, with Combat Stress Disabilities, needed Medical Care, and gave them "Bad Paper Discharges" for being disabled.

The VA illegally secretly used Article 15's they illegally obtained from the Army, to fraudulently claim that the service of soldiers, Disabled with Combat Stress Disabilities was "Dishonorable", and not worthy of VA Benefits, while both the Army, and VA, engaged in Criminal Conduct, illegally using Article 15's, that were supposed to be destroied, to justify their Crimes to Veterans.

Thousands of Veterans, whose only crime was to fight for this country, were branded for life, with the stigma of a Dishonorable P.T.S.D. Discharge, they lost their families, starved, ate out of garbage cans, lived in the woods, and were driven to suicide.


After obtaining Indisputable Evidence that Article 15's, required to have been destroied, were illegally used by the VA to steal VA Benefits from thousands of Disabled Veterans, Billy Kidwell sent a copy of the evidence to the Regional Director of the VA at Bay Pines, Florida, to the VA Office of General Counsel in Washington, D.C., to the Secretary of the VA, to the VA Inspector General, and to the United States Department of Justice, asking for a Full Investigation, and that the Veteran Victims be provided the VA Benefits stolen from them.

The VA Retaliated and immediately cut off Billy Kidwell's Primary VA Doctor, Kidwell's VA Heart Doctor, his VA Aortic Aneurysm Doctor, and all his VA Medications, including Heart Medications Billy Kidwell needs to live.

The VA knew that cutting off Billy Kidwell's Heart, and Aortic Aneurysm, VA Medical Care would cause Billy Kidwell's Death.


The Army knew about Combat Stress Disabilities since the Civil War, and yet when the young, mostly teenaged soldiers, returned to the states from Vietnam, with Severe Combat Stress Disorders, they were DENIED Medical Care, or even counseling, for their Combat Stress Disability.

Instead, the Disabled Vietnam Soldiers were PUNISHED for being disabled.

They were overcharged for Minor Adjustment Problems, that was caused by their Combat Stress Disability, their being Medically Unable to adjust to Stateside Military Duty, and caused by the Army Unlawfully denying Vietnam Soldiers their Needed Medical Care, or even Counseling, for their Combat Stress Disability, and their Medical Inability to adjust to Stateside Military Duty, was written up as being substantial crimes.

These Disabled Vietnam Soldiers were sometimes placed in stockades, gang beaten, and intentionally starved, to "soften then up, and make them want a discharge", and then the Army victimized them, illegally using every Article 15 they ever got, Article 15's that were required by law to have been destroied, and the soldiers were given "Bad Paper Discharges" to destroy their lives, steal their Army Medical, and VA Benefits, to destroy the Veteran's Life, and destroy the Veteran's Family, and to drive thousands, and thousands, of those Disabled Veterans to sucide.

Most of the soldiers, during the Vietnam War, victimized with "Bad Paper Discharges" by the Army & VA, were legally entitled to Honorable, or Medical Discharges.

Vietnam Soldiers were knowingly, and intentionally, conned, defrauded, victimized, had their lives destoried, and were intentionally driven to suicide, by the United States Army & VA's Article 15 Con-Game.

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