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No Race, No Religion, No People on Earth,
Are Discriminated Against, or Treated as Horrible,
As America's Disabled Vietnam Veterans !
Everything on this Website May be Freely Copied !

VetsForJustice Founder sued Walmart for Prohibiting P.T.S.D. Service Dogs, then .....


To "fix" a Lawsuit for Walmart !


Since returning from Vietnam Billy Kidwell, like many other Vietnam Veterans, was exposed to never-ending government corruption, as the Military, the VA (now Department of Veterans Affairs), the Justice Department, and the Courts, engaged in one criminal scheme, after another, to reduce the cost of the Vietnam War, by stealing benefits from Disabled Vietnam Veterans, and driving Disabled Vietnam Veterans to Suicide.

According to the VA Inspector General, at least Three Hundred, and Seven Thousand (307,000) Disabled Veterans were murdered by the VA with their "Medical Waiting List Con-Game", and at least another Two Hundred Thousand (200,000) Disabled Veterans were driven to Suicide by the Army, and the VA's "Bad Paper Discharge Con-Game".

It took Thirty-Eight (38) Years for the VA to simply process Billy Kidwell's Disability Claim, causing Kidwell to lose his family, and be forced to eat out of garbage cans, and sleep in the woods, and under bridges, and have to drink nasty Iron Water, that dogs wouldn't drink, for many of those years.

Once Billy Kidwell finally got his VA Disability he set up this website,, and became a leader exposing government corruption, as much as his health would allow, as age, and the Inhuman Abuse of Vietnam Veterans by the government, took their toll, causing Kidwell to have Stress-Caused Heart Problems, including Stress-Caused Heart Attacks, Stress-Caused Bleeding Ulcers, and a host of other medical problems, in addition to his Combat Disabilities.


The United States Government does not want you to know about the Genocide of America's Disabled Veterans.

They do not want you to read the Suicide Notes of Disabled Veterans that committed Suicide, or want you to know about the many Con-Games, the government uses, to steal your VA Benefits, so they hide their records.

They do not want you to know that the United States Department of Justice has a Statutory Duty, pursuant to the new Servicemembers, and Veterans Initiative Act to have funds to protect Veterans Rights, and have a Statutory Duty to protect YOUR rights. [See the Servicemembers and Veterans Initiative Act.]

The Military, the VA, the Justice Department, and our Corrupt Federal Courts, know that the News Media, and the Veterans Groups, the DAV, American Legion, VFW, and so on, will not tell you all this, and will NOT protect your rights, unless they can somehow profit off it.

It took thirty (30) Years for the Yale Law School to attack the Government's Bad Paper Discharge Con-Game, after thirty (30) Years of Veterans Groups, and the News Media doing nothing. [Ther United States Department of Justice actually fought AGAINST Veterans Rights in those lawsuits!]

This website, exposing all this, is
WHY the United States Government wants Billy Kidwell DEAD!


Paying the victims of the recently discovered VA Article 15 Con-Game could cost the VA tens of millions of dollars, and an investigation would put a lot of very powerful VA, and Justice Department Officials in jail.

So the Saint Petersburg Florida VA Regional Director, the Secretary of the VA, the VA Inspector General, and the VA Office of General Counsel, decided that with the help of their "friends" in the United States Department of Justice, they would shut Billy Kidwell up, by causing his Death.

The VA, and the DOJ, refused to respond to Kidwell's Complaint Letters, ignored the indisputable evidence of the VA's Article 15 Con-Game, he provided them with, and refused to investigate.

The VA then immediately stopped all of Billy Kidwell's VA Medical Care, including Life-Saving Medical Care for his Heart, and Aortic Aneurysm, and all of Kidwell's Heart Medications, knowing the lack of Medical Care, especally for his Heart, and Aortic Aneurysm, would likely cause Kidwell's Death. [See the Sworn Declaration of Billy Kidwell here, proving the VA is trying to kill him.]

Because of the VA cutting off Kidwell's Heart Doctor, and Heart Medication, and his Aortic Aneurysm Care, Billy Kidwell suffered the Tearing of his Aneurysm, and a Heart Attack, at the same time, and was rushed to the Sarasota Memorial Hospital Emergency, dying, and was told his only chance to survive was Emergency Surgery on his Aortic Aneurysm, and Emergency Heart Care.

The Emergency Surgery saved Kidwell's Life, but there was severe damage to his heart, and Billy Kidwell is now dying from Heart Failure, is nearly completely bedbound, and needs the Heart Medication Entresto to live, however the VA said because Entresto costs over $700 a month they won't provide it to Kidwell, that he can just die, even though the VA intentionally caused his Heart Damage.

This is how America's Disabled Veterans are treated if they expose government corruption towards fellow Disabled Veterans.

The Department of Veterans Affairs, and United States Department of Justice, are determined to shut Kidwell up, about the "VA's Article 15 Con-Game", by killing him, and when he can no longer find the $740 a month for the needed Entresto Heart Medication, he will die.


We DEMAND that the Servicemembers, and Veterans Initiative Con Game Immediately Stop

Congress passed a law called the Servicemembers, and Veterans Initiative Act where the United States Department of Justice is supposed to have the funds to protect the rights of America's Disabled Veterans.

However, the United States Department of Justice says it has no funds to protect Billy Kidwell's Life because the Justice Department is spending Massive Amounts of money for Politics, to get Former President Trump, and try to fix elections for the Democrat Party.

It's been over two (2) Years since the Servicemembers, and Veterans Initiative Act was passed, and the Justice Department absolutely refuses to comply with the law, and claims that they do not have a penny to help Elderly, Disabled Vietnam Veterans.

The Justice Department took over two (2) Years just to respond to a letter Request for Records pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, and the Justice Department's Response was simply to ask Kidwell if he still wanted the records, after having Kidwell wait over two (2) Years for the Justice Department to answer his letter!

It is clear that the Justice Department has no respect for America's Disabled Veterans, and no intent to comply with laws protecting the rights of Veterans.

The Servicemembers, and Veterans Initiative Act was passed by Congresswoman Veronica Escobar, and her "Associates" (Congressman Taylor, Senator Hirono, Senator Ernst, the Paralyzed Veterans of America, Veterans Education Success, and the Student Veterans of America), however they all know the Justice Department is not complying with their law, and none of them will respond to Complaints by Billy Kidwell.

We DEMAND that Congresswoman Veronica Escobar, and her "Associates" (Congressman Taylor, Senator Hirono, Senator Ernst, the Paralyzed Veterans of America, Veterans Education Success, and the Student Veterans of America) stop their Servicemembers, and Veterans Initiative Act Con Game, and that they stop Discriminating against America's most vulnerable, most helpless Disabled Veterans, Disabled Vietnam Veterans, by contacting the Justice Depart DEMANDING that Billy Kidwell immediately be provided counsel to protect his Rights, before the VA is sucessful at trying to kill him.

The United States Department of Justice is using the Servicemembers, and Veterans Initiative to try to kill Billy Kidwell, an Elderly, 100% Service-Connected, Disabled Vietnam Veteran, and that needs to immediately stop.

And there needs to be hearings by the House, and Senate Committees on the Judiciary to stop the Justice Department's Blatant Hate, and Discrimination, towards Elderly, Severely Disabled Vietnam Veterans, with Combat Stress Disabilities.

Billy Kidwell is a 100% Service-Connected, Disabled Vietnam Combat Veteran and he is legally entitled to Medical Care.

We need to force the Justice Department to start protecting Disabled Veterans Rights!

YOU can help by contacting your local Newspaper with this story.


With No Money
VetsForJustice.Com Has Done More for Veterans
Than Any of the Established Veterans Groups



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