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Disabled Veterans in Florida are treated worst than dogs.

They deserve much better.

1. Florida's Disabled Veterans deserve a Governor, and Attorney General, that respect their Military Service, and their Disability Rights.

Any Florida Politican that refuses to enforce Disability Laws is not fit to be in office.

2. Florida's Disabled Veterans deserve Veterans Organizations, and Disability Rights Organizations, that stand up for Disabled Veterans, and protect their rights.

Presently Florida has loads of Veterans Groups, using Disabled Veterans to get rich off donations, but not a single Veterans Group, willing to spend any of the millions they get in Donations, to protect the rights of Disabled Veterans in Florida.

3. Florida's Veterans deserve Honest Local Government, and Honest Local Law Enforcement, that are trained as to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Requirements of Florida's Disability Rights Laws, and whom go by those laws, instead of having a state full of Corrupt Law Enforcement, eager to falsify Police Reports, to deny Disabled Veterans their Basic Human Rights, and Disability Rights, in return for a few free doughnuts from Special Interests like Walmart, and/or Publix.

4. Florida's Veterans deserve Public Accommodations, where they can shop, and are treated with respect, instead of slimy, Veteran-Hating Stores like Walmart, Publix, and to a degree ALDI's, whom bribe, and conspire, with Local Law Enforcement in Florida, to get Local Law Enforcement to falsify Police Reports, lie, scheme, and threaten, terrorize, and violate the rights of Disabled Veterans, for a few, cheap bribes, such as off duty employment, discounts, a preferred parking space, similar to what the Disabled Receive, "donations", and a few free doughnuts.


We want......

1. We DEMAND "Meaningful" Hearings before the Florida Congress, and Florida Senate, exposing how horriffic Disabled Veterans, and their familes, are treated in Florida, and proposed solutions.

2. We DEMAND that Veterans Organizations, getting millions of dollars in donations, start actually spending those donations on Veterans. That they UNITE together with us to start protecting the rights of Disabled Veterans in Florida.

No soldier should return from war, disabled, to a state where they are told they are not good enough to sit on a beach, go to a park, or shop in a store.

3. We DEMAND that the Governor of Florida, and the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in Florida, stop their Discrimination against Veterans, and Start fully complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and start enforcing Florida Disability Laws.

4. We DEMAND that the State of Florida start enforcing Florida Corruption Laws against the VA Offices operating in Florida.

5. We DEMAND that no Disabled Veteran, needing a P.T.S.D. Service Dog be banned from a Public Beach, Public Park, kicked out of a Resturant, or not allowed to shop in a Walmart, Publix, ALDI's, or other Public Accommodation in Florida, because of their Military Service, and their Combat Disabilities from that service.

6. We DEMAND that the State of Florida join us in suing Walmart, Publix, and ALDI's, getting an Injunction, and/or, Restraining ORDER to force those stores to stop their blatant Discrimination Against Disabled Veterans, to stop bribing Local Law Enforcement to falsify Police Reports against the Disabled, and that Disabled Veterans be allowed to shop in those stores in peace.

Walmart, Public, and ALDI's should receive fines from the State of Florida, substantial enough, to hinder any future abuse of Disabled Veterans in Florida.

And that fine should be put in a fund to protect the rights of Disabled Veterans in Florida.

7. Last, we DEMAND that the State of Florida provide the Free Education to dependants of Dead, and 100% Disabled Combat Veterans, REQUIRED by Florida Law F.S. 295.01 to the 38,000 Dependants that had their 295.01 Statutory Benefits stolen from them by corrupt Florida Politicans.

We simply want Florida's Disabled Veterans to be treated like Human Beings.

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