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How the Federal Courts Fix Cases Against Disabled Vietnam Veterans


Federal Judges Have No Respect for the Constitution, Laws, or the Rights, of Disabled Vietnam Veterans

United States District Courts have an Unwriten "Policy" that if a Veteran has a Life-Threatening Disability, the Court Intentionally Aggravates the Disability, to Cause the Disabled Veteran's Death !


Every American, and expecally America's Disabled Veterans, disabled from their service to this country, are supposed to have a First Amendment Right to exercise "Meaningful" Access to the Courts, to correct injustices, obtain redress, and to protect, and enforce, their rights.

This Constitutional Right for Disabled Vietnam Veterans is extremely important because Vietnam Veterans have been targeted for Abuse, and Rights Violations, by the Military, the VA, the Justice Department, the Courts, the States, and Corporations, since their return from Vietnam, over Fifty (50) Years ago.

Everyone seems to hate Disabled Vietnam Veterans, especally Vietnam Veterans Disabled with Combat Stress Disabilities.


It is estimated that from 50,000 to 100,000 soldiers returning from Vietnam were victimized with the Military's "Bad Paper Discharge Con-Game", with many of them being driven to Suicide by the government.

For Over Forty (40) Years the United States Department of Justice has refused to investigate Complaints from Disabled Vietnam Veterans about the Military's Bad Paper Discharges, to cover-up illegal Discharges, and blatant crimes by the Military, used to reduce the cost ot the Vietnam War, by stealing Disability Benefits from Disabled Vietnam Veterans.

The Federal Courts violated Disabled Vietnam Veteran's Rights, and refused to address Bad Paper Discharges for Forty (40) Years, until the Yale Law School got involved, and there was National Publicity exposing the Military's Illegal Bad Paper Discharges, which Congress called a National Disgrace. [The United States Department of Justice then got involved, on the side of the Military, fighting to cover-up crimes by the Military.]


It is common knowledge, by nearly every Veteran in America, that the Veterans Administration (now Department of Veterans Affairs) is corrupt beyond words, and willing to commit any crime, to cheat, and defraud, America's Disabled Veterans, out of their benefits.

At least 300,000, and possabily as many as 400,000 Disabled Veterans, have been knowingly, and intentionally murdered with the VA's "Medical Waiting List Con-Game", that continues today.

The Secretary of the VA, together with Under Secretaries, and the VA Office of General Counsel, conspired, directed, and paid, Large Bonuses to VA Employees that were willing to murder Disabled Veterans, by putting them on Medical Waiting Lists, even when they needed Medical Care, and/or Medications, to live, and the VA Employee knew, or should have known, that the VA's Medical Waiting List would cause the Disabled Veteran's Death.

The United States Department of Justice refused to investigate the Genocide, and Mass Murder, of Disabled Veterans, while the Federal Courts refused to address this issue, until the National News Media exposed the VA's Deadly "Medical Waiting Lists".

Recently the Founder of VetsForJustice, Disabled Vietnam Veteran, Billy Kidwell, obtained evidence the VA has been hiding for over Forty (40) Years, proving the United States Army, and the Veterans Administration (now Department of Veterans Affairs), have conspired together to ILLEGALLY cheat thousands, and thousands of Disabled Combat Veterans out of the Disability, and VA Benefits, they EARNED with an illegal "Article 15 Con Game".

The United States Department of Justice, the United States Federal Courts, and the Department of Veterans Affairs, are all trying to kill Billy Kidwell to shut him up, about the Illegal Article 15 Con-Game, and the theft of possabily tens of Millions of Dollars, in Benefits, from Disabled Veterans.

The Department of Justice, Federal Courts, and VA, are getting by with the Attempted Murder of an Elderly, Frail, Disabled Vietnam Veteran, (Billy Kidwell), and the cover-up of their Illegal Article 15 Con-Game, because Kidwell is unable to afford an Attorney to protect his rights.


The ADA Section of the United States Department of Justice is required to enforce Disability Rights, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Department of Justice was ORDERED by Attorney General Merrick Garland to agressively protect Veterans Rights, however the Justice Department bragged to Billy Kidwell, on the phone, that "the Justice Department has never enforced the Disability Rights of Disabled Vietnam Veterans. And Never Will!"

Congress, politicans earn around $200,000 a year, but go home with Millions of Dollars, thanks to insider trading, bribes, and kickbacks.  

for cheated, victimized, and abused, more that any Race, Religion, or People in history.

Agencies like the U.S. Department of Justice, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and so on, has Upper-Level Management getting Massive "Bonuses", and/or, Bribes, while America's Federal Judges, are the most corrupt of the lot.

Federal Judges are an Elietest, Silver-Spooned, "Class", whom are drunk with power, above all laws, and "OWNED" by Politicians, Corporations, and Special Interests.   

1. Affidavit of Billy Kidwell's Medical Condition when Filing Lawsuit

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