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A United Nations Torture Complaint has been filed by an Elderly, 100% Service-Connected, Disabled Veteran, Billy Kidwell, with the United States Secretary of State, and with the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C. against SeaWorld Entertainment, and a United States District Court Judge, John E. Steele, of Fort Myers, Florida.

The Complaint states that SeaWorld targeted the Life-Threatening Stress Disability of Kidwell, torturing Kidwell for over Eight (8) Months, causing Kidwell to suffer Heart Pains, Pressure on his Chest, Breathing Problems, Lightheadedness, Sleep Deprivation Torture, Throwing-Up Blood, Passing Out, and Medical Deprivation Torture, resulting in Kidwell suffering a Massive, Life-Threatening, Stress-Caused Heart Attack.

And that while having the Massive Heart Attack Kidwell explained to United States District Court Judge, John Steele, in Fort Myers Florida that he was suffering from Heart Pains, Pressure on his Chest, Dizziness, Breathing Problems, Throwing-Up Blood, and Passing Out, and needed to go to an Emergency Room for Medical Care.

Judge Steele refused to allow Kidwell to obtain Needed Emergency Medical Care, despite knowing Kidwell was having a Heart Attack, and could die, and instead issued a Court ORDER requiring Kidwell to do a massive amount of work, while having a Heart Attack, knowing it would likely kill Kidwell.

Judge Steele's Conduct constituted Medical Deprivation Torture, and Attempted Murder, just as serious, and illegal, as any torture imposed by the NAZI's during WW II, or North Korea.

Once the United States Secretary of State, and the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, Georgia, address the Torture Complaint, the Complaint will be forwarded, and filed, with the United Nations Committee on Torture.

This is the process required by the United Nations Treaty on Torture, that the United States is a party to.

I. Facts

An Elderly, 69 year old, 100% Service-Connected, Disabled Veteran filed the Complaint(s) after the Disabled Veteran, and his family, were banned from SeaWorld's Theme Parks because of the Veteran's Military Service, and his Medical Need(s) for Service Animals, and a wheelchair.

Disabled Veteran, Billy Kidwell, and his family have been banned from SeaWorld Parks, for over two years now, to punish Kidwell for his Military Service, and returning from war disabled.

The Veteran, Billy Ray Kidwell of Port Charlotte, Florida alleges that he was intentionally tortured by SeaWorld, and SeaWorld Attorneys, for over eight (8) months in an attempt to cause his death, which resulted in the Veteran being rushed to the Emergency Room, having a Heart Attack, and the Veteran being placed on the Heart, and Stroke Ward of the Bay Pines VA Hospital for a week.

The Veteran-Victim has been suffering Heart Failure since the alleged Torture by SeaWorld Entertainment.

II. The Torture Allegations are as follows;

Billy Kidwell, a severely disabled Veteran, wanted to take his 21 year old daughter, and his wife to Busch Gardens Tampa for his daughter's graduation.

Kidwell contacted Busch Gardens, a SeaWorld Theme Park, by phone, mail, and e-mail, explaining that he is a disabled Veteran and Medically Needs two (2) Small Japanese Chin Service Animals, that are trained for his P.T.S.D., because of his disabilities from serving this country.

The elderly Kidwell is too disabled to ride any rides, and cannot walk, so he goes to Busch Gardens to sit out of the way, in the shade with his Service Animals, while his wife, and daughter ride the rides.

Although SeaWorld, which owns, and operates Busch Gardens Tampa, knows the United States Department of Justice says all P.T.S.D. Dogs for Combat Veterans are Service Animals, SeaWorld said they would not abide by the Americans with Disabilities Act, and would not allow Kidwell to bring Service Animals into the Park.

To RETALIATE against Kidwell for demanding to be allowed Service Animals Busch Gardens drained three Credit Cards Kidwell had on file with SeaWorld, stealing all of Kidwell's money, and then refused to provide Kidwell an Electric Wheelchair, and told Kidwell if he wanted to enter Busch Gardens with his family he would have to crawl.

Kidwell tried to enter Busch Gardens and suffered cuts, and injuries.

Kidwell tried to get President Obama's Justice Department to investigate the ADA Violations but the Justice Department would not respond to any of Kidwell's Letters, and Complaints.

It has since been determined by the United States Commission on Civil Rights that the U.S. Department of Justice, under President Obama, would not enforce any Civil Rights Complaints by "Light-Skinned Persons", and Kidwell's Research has exposed that under Obama's Justice Department Disabled Veterans Complaints were ignored, and not responded to.

Kidwell, although severely disabled, attempted to prosecute an Americans with Disabilities Act Lawsuit against Busch Gardens himself.

SeaWorld, knowing Kidwell is severely disabled, and didn't have the protection of an Attorney, refused to address any of the merits of Kidwell's ADA Lawsuit, and instead targeted Kidwell's Stress Disorder, engaging in constant Rule Violations, Perjury, the Subornation of Perjury, and any wrongful act to aggravate Kidwell's Documented Life-Threatening Stress Disorder to drive Kidwell to having a Stress-Caused Heart Attack.

The CEO of SeaWorld, Joel Manby, wanted Kidwell dead so Kidwell would not expose SeaWorld's abuse of Disabled Veterans with his lawsuit.

For over Eight (8) Months Kidwell suffered inhuman Torture at the hands of SeaWorld, targeting his Stress Disability until Kidwell suffered a Massive, Stress-Caused Heart Attack.

III. The Result of the Torture

As a result of the Torture by SeaWorld Kidwell passed out and was rushed to the Emergency Room of the VA Hospital at Bay Pines Florida.

Kidwell's condition was considered extremely serious and Kidwell was placed on the heart, and stroke ward of the Bay Pines Hospital for a week.

Kidwell is suffering Heart Failure, and every day has to take tests which are forwarded by a machine at Kidwell's home to a VA Nurse.

Kidwell was banned from the Eleventh Circuit's Courts, as Punishment for being a Disabled Veteran, and told by the Eleventh Circuit in a Court ORDER that if Kidwell's Medical Disabilities somehow "Heal themselves", and Kidwell becomes un-disabled, Kidwell may continue his lawsuit against SeaWorld.

IV. The Relief Kidwell Wants

1. Kidwell wants media exposure of how horrible America's Disabled Veterans are treated by SeaWorld, and Courts in the Eleventh Circuit, and how Disabled Veterans in America have no Constitutional Rights.

2. Kidwell wants an Independent Criminal Investigation of SeaWorld's Inhuman Treatment of America's Disabled Veterans, and SeaWorld's Perjury, and wrongful conduct in the Courts, targeting the disabilities of Disabled Veterans to kill them.

3. Kidwell wants an Independent Investigation of United States District Court Judge, John Steele, and his attempts to deny Kidwell Needed Emergency Medical Care, while Kidwell was having a Heart Attack, to kill Kidwell.

4. Kidwell wants SeaWorld, and Judge Steele, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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