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Walmart Bribed, and OWNS the United States Department of Justice


The United States Department of Justice takes Bribes from Walmart, and in return Covers Up, and/or, Minimizes, Crimes by Walmart

Since becoming CEO of Walmart, Doug McMillon, has set an "Unwritten Policy" of bribing Federal Law Enforcment, and Politicans, to Cover-Up, Hinder, Obstruct, and/or, Minimize Crimes by Walmart World-Wide, and in the United States.

When You Bribe the United States Department of Justice, Crime Does Pay !!!

Under the leadership of Walmart CEO, Doug McMillion, Walmart violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, bribing Law Enforcement, Judges, and Governmenty Officials, in Brazil, China, India, and Mexico, while engaging in all sorts of Dishonesty, Corruption, and Criminal Activities, in the United States.

Walmart spent nearly a Billion Dollars OBSTRUCTING the Justice Department's Bribery Investigation, and settled with the SEC for $144 Million, and with the Justice Department for another $138 Million.

While Walmart settleing for $282 Million may seem like a lot of money, it wasn't even a slap on the face to Walmart, which made Tens of Billions of Dollars in Criminal Profits, from operating like an International Mafia Crime Family around the world.

As a result of their crimes, Walmart now has their stores all over in Brazil, China, India, Mexico, and all over the world.

Walmart CEO, Doug McMillon, and Walmart General Counsel, Karen Roberts, should have been prosecuted, and put in prison, but the Justice Department does not Prosecute, those that Bribe Them.

How Walmart Bribed the United States Department of Justice

Walmart is a thriving Monopoly of such vast influence, and authority, that they are far above the law, and their Monopolistic Power extends into every nook, and corner, of the United States Government, with Walmart controlling, and/or, "Strongly Influencing", every aspect of the United States Government, our Politicians, and Government Agencies, including Federal Law Enforcment.

Walmart bought control of the United States Department of Justice with "Creative Bribing", giving Dream Corporate Jobs, and vast amounts of Money, Power, and Influence, to the Justice Department's Top Attorneys.

Walmart "Hires" Rachel Brand, One of the Most Powerful Attorneys, in the Justice Department

Rachel Brand was one of the most powerful Attorneys in the Justice Department, with "Connections", and "Influence", all over Washington D.C., all the way to the White House.

She served as the first Female Associate Attorney General, as Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Policy, on the Privacy, and Civil Liberties Board.

Rachel Brand is so powerful, and has so many "Connections" in Washington, and in the Justice Department, that she can strongly "Influence" any investigation of Walmart, putting Walmart above the law.

Walmart "Made an Offer Rachel Brand Couldn't Refuse", offering Rachel Brand an outragious amount of money, and benefits, hiring her as Head of Global Corporate Governance, Chief Legal Officer, and Secretary.

Walmart Hires Joe Beemsterboer the Justice Department's Acting Fraud Chief

The Justice Section Beemsterboer led, was in the Justice Department Criminal Division, and responsible for prosecuting Corporate, and Wall Street Fraud.

At Walmart Beemsterboer is Vice President for Government Enforcement, and Legal Investigations.

Walmart Hires Matt Miner Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Justice Depart Criminal Division

Walmart hired Matt Miner, another top Justice Department Attorney to work at Walmart as Executive Vice President of Global Governance, and Global Chief Ethics, and Compliance Officer.

Matt Miner brings lots of Justice Department Connections, in the Justice Department Criminal Division, to Walmart.

Walmart Hires David Searle, Another Top Justice Department Attorney, in the Criminal Division

David Searle is another Justice Department Attorney that was hired by Walmart. It goes on, and on, as Walmart bribes the Justice Department.

Now you know why Walmart gets by with murder, why the CEO of Walmart, Doug McMillon, and Walmart General Counsel, Karen Roberts, aren't in jail, as they should be, and why the massive Walmart Monopoly, which is destroying America, hasn't been broken up, the way Ma Bell was broken up.

The United States Department of Justice is Bribed, and OWNED, by Walmart.

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