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We DEMAND VSO's Start Protecting Veterans Rights

23,408 Veterans have committed Suicide
Since President Trump took office on January 21, 2017

As he lies and uses America's Veterans in a Fraud Scheme to Get Political Donations

Lies, Lies, and More Lies !

President Trump loves to brag about how great he is.

At every Trump Political Rally, President Trump, brags about how great Veterans have it in America because of President Trump.

According to Trump, at every Political Rally, he has fixed the Medical Waiting Lists, and Veterans have never had it so good in Trump's America.

If that were true than WHY do Twenty-Two (22) Veterans commit suicide each day, with most leaving Suicide Notes, blaming their suicide on corruption, and abuse, in the Department of Veterans Affairs?

Since President Trump was sworn in on Janruary 20, 2017 to Veterans Day 2019 life for Disabled Veterans in America has been so horrible that some 22, 528 Veterans have committed suicide.

Most of those Veterans left Suicide Notes, blaming the never-ending "Culture of Corruption" in the VA for their death, and many of those Veterans brought their VA Records, and Evidence, proving VA Dishonesty, Corruption, and often Crimes being committed against them by VA Officials for their death.

WHY are all those thousands of Veteran Suicide Notes being hidden by VA Officials, the VA Inspector General, and the F.B.I., and WHY is the abuse, dishonesty, and crimes against those Dead Veterans being covered up, instead of being investigated?

Can it be because after the very first Political Ralley for his re-election, after Trump bragging about how great he is treating Veterans, President Trump received over Thirty Million Dollars ($30,000) in Political Donations?

By habitualing lying, and defrauding the public about how Disabled Veterans are really treated by President Trump, the President, and Republican Party, has received OVER One Hundred and Sixty Million Dollars ($160,000,000.00) according to the Federal Election Commission.

Clearly defrauding the Public about how Disabled Veterans are really treated in President Trump's America is big, big, big money!


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