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America's Veterans Are Abused, Tortured, and Mistreated,
More than Any Race, Religion, or People on Earth!
To Help Veterans Everything on this Website May Be Freely Copied, Reprinted, Published and Used by Any Means.
Merry Christmas
The VA Wants You Dead!
The Ongoing VA Scheme to Drive Veterans with Severe P.T.S.D. to Sucide to Avoid Paying them Benefits
Since October of 1970 Billy Ray Kidwell, the founder of, has documented an ongoing scheme by the VA (now Department of Veterans Affairs) to knowingly, and intentionally, drive Disabled Combat Veterans, with severe
P.T.S.D., to commit sucide, in a scheme to avoid treating them, and paying them the benefits they EARNED, thereby saving the VA hundreds of millions of dollars.

The VA tries to save money, by defrauding, and murdering, Veterans so that there is plenty of money for high-level VA Executives to steal, ripping off the agency with Dishonest Schemes, VA Funded Parties, and Outrageous salaries, while Special Interest Corporations, steal VA Money with fraudlent, and over-priced Contracts, with the help of Politicians, bribed by lobbyists.

The VA System is broken!

The DVA is a cess-pool of corruption, and always has been. High paying jobs in the DVA, and Executive Positions, are used as "Political Payoffs", and awarded as a "Political Perk", instead of being given to qualified individuals. Contracts are often given based on bribes, lobbyists, and Politicans (that receive bribes from lobbyists, of course).

The VA's Murder Scheme

The VA Scheme to drive Veterans to suicide consists of a hosts of tactics.

The VA knows that a large number of Veterans suffer from severe P.T.S.D. and are "Medically Unable to Stand Stress", and know enough stress can drive the Disabled Veteran to suicide, so the VA intentionally causes Veterans, as much, Undue, Intentional, Stress, as the VA can.

1. The VA denies, or delays, needed medical.

2. The VA engages in dishonest, and often illegal conduct, to deny, and delay, what the VA knows are valid VA Benefit Claims, and to substantially under-pay the VA Claims it does grant.

3. The VA shreds evidence favorable to Veterans Claims, lies about the actual material facts, falsifies records, committs Perjury, and conceals evidence when the Veteran goes to the Veterans Court, refuses to abide by the Freedom of Information Act, and other laws, "redacts" VA Records to hid, and falsify, what the record really says, and engages in this dishonesty, forever, waiting for the Veteran to become so discouraged the Veteran gives up, or waits for the Veteran to die.

4. The VA will commit any crime, no matter how apalling, or dishonest, to cheat a Disabled Veteran out of benefits.

5. In the cases where benefits are actually granted the Veteran is usually cheated out of his lawful backpayment. [Unless there is News media exposure. The VA, like other criminals, fears the light of day, being exposed].

6. The VA actively covers-up exposure of the Disabled Veterans that commit suicide because of the VA, and often will deny F.O.I.A. Requests, and often even deny that a suicide even took place.

Despite 48 years of promises, the most recent being by President Trump, the VA, now Department of Veterans Affairs, has only gotten worst!

Nothing has changed.

Those running the VA from Regional Directors, and on up, are hired because of their Political Connections, as a Political Pay-Off.

While Special Interest Corporations still give VA Officials Bribes, to rape America's Veterans with dishonest Contracts, as our Politicians cover-up for the Special Interests, as they receive money, and gifts, from lobbyists.

Remember Colonel Jim Turner, the Other 5 Veterans that Committed Suicide at the Saint Pete VA, and the 22 a Day Intentionally Killed by the VA

Each day 22 Veterans die because of corruption in the VA.

It was just learned that the VA had 17.7 Million Dollars to spend for suicide prevention and refused to spend it, wanting Disabled Veterans to die.

Here are links to just a few of the Disabled Veterans being killed by the VA. 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

This is Christmas.

They gave their lives for our FREEDOM. We have to do something for them.

What YOU Can Do!

Veterans can UNITE on the internet, write Newspapers, and TV News Media demanding the VA Corruption be exposed.

Every Veteran belonging to a Veterans Organization, such as the DAD, Vietnam Vets, Iraq Vets, American Legion, VFW. and so on need to write their officers, and leadership, and DEMAND that they UNITE with other Veterans Groups, including the grassroots Veterans Groups on the internet, as one voice to demand that the Department of Veterans Affairs is investigated, and cleaned up.

Either you are helping your fellow Veterans....or you are part of the problem.


Billy Kidwell

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Retired Army Colonel, William Brockman, and the Sarasota Military Academy, placed 8,000 Wreaths at the Sarasota National Cemerty to honor our troops.

This is part of a Nation Effort called "Wreaths Across America" started by Morrill Worcester of Worcester Wreath Company in 1992. We would like to thank them for their work in honoring our Veterans durring the holidays.
America's Disabled Veterans are getting a much needed pay raise at last. Maybe some of us can now afford food!

Social Security is giving us a 2.08% COLA Pay Raise, the largest since 2012. For most of us that will amount to an extra $40 a month.

Meanwhile, the Department of Veterans Affairs is also giving us a 2.08% COLA Pay Raise, which means those that are extremely disabled and receiving 100% Service-Connected Benefits might get an extra $67 a month.


President Trump promised that he was going to "take good care of America's Veterans".

Why isn't he keeping that promise?

The life of Older Disabled Veterans in America is far beyond horrible. It's pure torture!

Disabled Veterans Can't Support their Families!

A 100% Service-Connected Disabled Veteran, completely unable to work because of his Service to this Country in Combat, gets less than half the pay an E-1 Private gets who just entered the Army makes.

Less than what a kid manager working at McDonalds gets paid!

Today's Military gets their Regular Pay, plus a Food Allowance, a Clothing Allowance, a Moving Allowance, a Seperation Allowance, and a Cost of Living Allowance, among many other benefits.

Disabled Veterans that fall in battle defending this country often have far more bills than others, because of their disabilities.

Most Disabled Veterans have a Mortgage, Car Payments, Insurance Bills, Electric Bills, Water Bills, Cable TV, and Internet Bills, Clothing, Food, Gas, and often many bills for their Service Disabilities that the VA does not cover, plus usually a wife, and sometimes children to support, all on less than what a kid makes at McDonalds.



In Florida Disabled Combat Veterans needing a Service Animal may not sit on a beach and enjoy the sunset.

Disabled Veterans in Florida, needing a Service Animal, may not eat in a resturant, or shop in a store like Walmart, or Publix.

And should the Disabled Veteran complain Florida Law Enforcement will surround the Disabled Veteran, tell him that Florida does not go by the Americans with Disabilities Act, and that Florida does not accept, or enforce, any laws protecting the rights of the disabled, as they harass the Disabled Veteran, call him names, and intiminate him, surrounding the Disabled Veteran and implying that the Police are going to gang-jump the Disabled Veteran.

This is the life of America's Disabled Combat Veterans underFlorida's Chief Law Enforcement Officer Pam Bondi.    More



Walmart is known for abuse of its employees, most of whom are treated like slaves, and paid so poorly that they need Food Stamps to survive.

What is not so well known is how Walmart uses Local Law Enforcement across America as Walmart's Private Police Force, stealing your Tax Dollars, by using Taxpayers to pay for Walmart's Security, to increase Walmart's Profits.

All while Walmart corrupts the Local Law Enforcement, using them to discriminate against, and abuse the Disabled, targeting America's Disabled Veterans.

s has a long, well-documented history, of discriminating against America's Disabled Veterans, abusing them, violating their rights, and trying to intentionally inflict massive harm on America's Disabled Veterans, while they also donate to Veterans Groups, for Tax Purposes, and to get favorable news media coverage.

Lets look as some of Walmart's intentional crimes towards America's Veterans.

Click here to read about a Disabled Veteran doing an outstanding job at Walmart as a Forklift Driver, who was Discriminated Against, and fired, because he was unable to do another employee's job.

Walmart Corporate set a Policy that United States Marine Veterans can bleed, and die, but never will they be allowed inside (Walmart). Click here to read News Article.


Durring the Vietnam War the poor, and working class, were drafted, and went to war, while the rich, and privledged class, hid in college.

It is the rich, and Silver-Spooned Privledge Class, that ended up becoming America's Politicans, Attorneys, and Judges resenting those that did serve in the Military, providing the Freedoms the Privledged refused to fight for.

In college the Privledged believed Military Service to be benieth them, and considered those that served in the Miltary to be losers.




There is a strong Anti-America, Anti-Veteran, and Anti-Military, Hate Movement in America, especally in America's Universities, in our government, in America's Legal System, and especally in the Federal Courts.

University Students with the Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity at Panama City Beach in Florida tore down American Flags, as they spit, and urinated, on Disabled Veterans, and their Service Animals, poured beer on Disabled Veterans, and knocked them out of their wheelchairs.

A substantial number of America's Attorneys, State Judges, and Federal Judges belong to the Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity.

This segment of our society, composed of the rich, the powerful, the eliet, and "Special Interests" believe they are far above serving in the military, and that anyone that does serve is far benieth them.

They believe they are better than those that serve in the military, and that America's Veterans are far beenieth them, and not deserving of the freedoms, and benefits, the eliet deserve, because of their power, and wealth.

This Military Family, and Veteran Hate, appears to be restricted to those born with silver spoons in their mouths, and those with excessive power. Sports stars that worked their way to the top are just the opposatine, and are extremely patriotic.

After 911 NFL Players like Pat Tillman, Joe Cardona, Nate Boyer, Ahmard Hall, Jeremy Staat, Alejandro Villanueva, and Daniel Rodriguez gave up mulimillion dollars Contracts, and bright Sports Star Futures, to enlist in the Military, and put their lives on the line for our Country.

When America was attacked on 911 many Sports Stars, like This movement is composed of College
As a Severely Disabled Vietnam Veteran I remember living in the woods, and sleeping in the snow, freezing, in Lexington, Kentucky.


Have YOU been discriminated against by the Court for Being a Veteran?
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