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Fighting for Vietnam Veterans Rights !


In 1949 Billy Kidwell was born in a small farmhouse in Butler, Kentucky.

Times were bad, there were no foodstamps, or welfare, and poor farmers got commodities to live, which consisted of a few bags of Flour, Cornmeal, lard, butter, cheese, rice, and peanut butter.

In Janurary 1968 the Kentucky Post was running front page stories of the Vietnam War with long, daily, lists of soldiers killed in Vietnam.

Liberals were rioting, and protesting, spitting on the Teenaged Soldiers returning from Vietnam, calling them "Baby Killers", while encouraging America's Teenagers, of draft age, to dodge the draft, to get deferments, and to use any means to avoid the draft, including deserting to Canada.

Farmers in Kentucky were extremely Patriotic, mostly Conservative Democrat, and were raised to believe that the ideas that this Country were founded on were the best on earth, so shortly after turning Eighteen (18) Years Old Billy Kidwell hitch hiked to Cincinnati, Ohio and enlisted in the Army, asking for the hardest Military Service the Army had so he could go defend his country in Vietnam.

For over Fifty-Four (54) Billy Kidwell has been a Vietnam Veteran Activist, exposing corruption in the VA (now Department of Veterans Affairs), and fighting for Disabled Vietnam Veterans Rights.

years ago I returned from Vietnam to find the Army would not provide care to returning soldiers, and were stealing their Combat Medals, their Rank, their Pay, and their Military Benefits, with a "Bad Paper Discharge Con-Game".

For Fifty-Four (54) Years now I have fought one Government Con-Game, after another, as our government, the Army, and the VA (now Department of Veterans Affairs), constantly drove America's Disabled Vietnam Veterans to Suicide, by destroying their lives, with one illegal Con-Game, after another, while the United States Department of Justice, and our Corrupt Federal Courts, covered up the many crimes towards America's Disabled Vietnam Veterans.

According to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. a total of 58,300 soldiers died, and/or, are Missing in Action, because of the Vietnam War.

At least Two Hundred Thousand (200,000) Disabled Vietnam Veterans were driven to Suicide by the Army's "Bad Paper Discharge Con-Game", while another Three Hundred, and Seven Thousand (307,000) Disabled Veterans were intentionally Murdered with the VA's "Illegal Medical Waiting List Con-Game", and at least a Hunderd Thousand (100,000) more Disabled Veterans were driven to Suicide by the Recently Discovered Army, and VA's "Article 15 Con-Game".


For over Fifty (50) Years I have fought for Veterans Rights, and I have learned that the doctors, nurses, and other "Working-Class VA Employees", will do almost anything to help a Disabled Veteran.

I have also learned that it is the Upper-Level VA Leadership, the Secretary of the VA, the VA Office of General Counsel, VA Regional Directors, and the VA Service Center Managers, that are committing crimes to steal Benefits from Veterans, and want Veterans Dead!

I have learned, the VA Secretary, is a Political Office, and that VA Secretaries are appointed to repay a Political Debt.

The VA Secretary does not have to be qualified, nor is the VA Secretary even required to have served in the Military, or have any Military Experience.

The Office of VA Secretary is a REWARD for a Political Debt, because there is a massive amount of money, and Government Contracts, controlled by the Secretary, it's all money, and Politics.

The VA Office of General Counsel, and its Attorneys, are the most corrupt Attorneys the government can find.

The VA hires Attorneys whom are willing to commit any crime to cheat, or defraud, a Disabled Veteran, out of the benefits they earned, and willing to commit any crime to cover-up VA Wrongdoing, and crimes by the Secretary.


Since returning from Vietnam Billy Kidwell, like many other Vietnam Veterans, was exposed to never-ending government corruption, as the Military, the VA (now Department of Veterans Affairs), the Justice Department, and the Courts, engaged in one criminal scheme, after another, to reduce the cost of the Vietnam War, by stealing benefits from Disabled Vietnam Veterans, and driving Disabled Vietnam Veterans to Suicide.

According to the VA Inspector General, at least Three Hundred, and Seven Thousand (307,000) Disabled Veterans were murdered by the VA with their "Medical Waiting List Con-Game", and at least another Two Hundred Thousand (200,000) Disabled Veterans were driven to Suicide by the Army, and the VA's "Bad Paper Discharge Con-Game".

The VA refused to process Billy Kidwell's VA Disability for Thirty-Eight (38) Years, and claimed his service was Dishonorable, because after returning from Vietnam he got a Speeding Ticket at Fort Benning for doing 3 MPH over the 15 MPH speed limit.

The Army dismissed the traffic ticket, and Kidwell got a Company-Level Article 15 with a Twenty Dollar ($20) fine.

Although the Army is required to destroy Article 15's after two (2) years, and soldiers are told Article 15's are prohibited from being used by the VA, the Army secretly sent a copy of Billy Kidwell's Article 15 for speeding to the VA, Thirty-Eight (38) Years AFTER he was discharged, and the Army still has his Article 15 over Fifty (50) Years AFTER his Military Service.

The VA illegally secretly used the Article 15 for speeding to claimed that Kidwell's Extremely Honorable Army Service, was Dishonorable, and refused to process Kidwell's Disability Claim, causing Kidwell to lose his family, to starve, and be forced to eat out of garbage cans, and sleep in the woods, and under bridges, and have to drink nasty Iron Water, that dogs wouldn't drink, for Thirty-Eight (38) years. [See Exhibit 1, Exhibit 2, and Exhibit 3.]

This is the inhuman, illegal way, our government treats the Vietnam Veteran.


Once Billy Kidwell finally got his VA Disability he set up this website, www.VetsForJustice.com, and became a leader exposing government corruption, as much as his health would allow.

Advancing Age, and the Inhuman Abuse of Vietnam Veterans, by the government, took their toll on Kidwell, causing him to have Stress-Caused Heart Problems, including at least three (3) Stress-Caused Heart Attacks, Stress-Caused Bleeding Ulcers, resulting in so much damage to his heart that he is now dying from Severe Heart Failure.

Kidwell's Health got so poor that his VA Doctor's told him to stop trying to protect Veterans Rights in Court, because the Stress of Law Work had caused Kidwell to suffer a Life-Threatening, Stress-Caused, Heart Attack, and another Heart Attack could kill Kidwell.


In my constant fight to stop the Genocide of America's Disabled Vietnam Veterans, I recently discovered Indisputable Evidence, the Army, and the VA had been hiding for over Forty (40) Years, proving the VA (now Department of  Veterans Affairs) is engaged in a criminal "Article 15 Con-Game" to steal Veteran's Benefits, and drive Disabled Veterans to Suicide.

The Army, and VA's, "Article 15 Con-Game" is being used with their "Bad Paper Discharge Con-Game", to fraudulently claim that the Military Service of Soldiers, returning from Combat in Vietnam, disabled with a Combat Stress Disorder, was under "Dishonorable Conditions", and that being disabled with a Combat Stress Disorder, is somehow Dishonorable.

This is a Criminal Scheme to steal their Destroy Their Lives, and steal their VA Benefits, and , by fraudulently claiming their Military Service was "Under Dishonorable Conditions", putting the stigma of Dishonorable Military Service on soldiers, whose only crime is being Disabled, with a Combat Stress Disorder.

The United States Department of Justice, and the Federal Courts, are in on this Inhuman, Dishonest, Con-Game that has driven tens of thousands of Disabled American Veterans to Suicide.


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