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The Horrable Life of Being a Disabled Vietnam Veteran in America

No Race, No Religion, No People on Earth,
Are Discriminated Against, or Treated as Horrible,
As America's Disabled Vietnam Veterans !


Everything on this Website May be Freely Copied !


The Horrible Life of Being......
Each Government Agency wants Disabled Vietnam Veterans Dead !


It's extremely dangerous finding corruption in the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, and then exposing it.

The Founder of, Billy Kidwell, was a Poor, Patriotic, Teenaged, Kentucky Farmboy, when he enlisted, and voluniteered for Vietnam, during the height of the Vietnam War, in 1968.

Billy Kidwell's Army Service was extremely Honorable until he returned from Vietnam with a back injury from a Rocket Attack, and a Severe Combat Stress Disability, we now call Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.).

Despite the Army knowing about Combat Stress Disabilities, since the Civil War, teenaged soldiers returning from Vietnam, with Severe Combat Stress Disabilities, were denied Medical Care, or even Counseling, and given "Bad Paper Discharges", to Destroy their Lives, Steal their Disability Benefits, and Drive them to Suicide, to reduce the cost of the Vietnam War.

The Army denied Billy Kidwell Medical Care, for his Combat Stress Disabilities, resulting in his being unable to conform to Stateside Military Duty, by being a few minutes late to work formations, after a bad night of insomia due to Combat Nightmares, and severe depression, causing him to lose track of time.

As punishment for being less than five (5) minutes late for a work formation Kidwell was placed in the Stockade, gang beaten by Stockade Guards, placed in the "hole", and Starved with Army "Rabbit Chow",  to punish him for having a Combat Stress Disability.

And then the Army falsified his Army Records, and gave him a "Bad Paper Discharge".

"Bad Paper Discharges" is how the Army "Medically Treats" Combat Stress Disabilities.

"Bad Paper Discharges" destroied the lives of those young Disabled Vietnam Veterans,  causing thousands to commit Suicide.


For over Fifty (50) Years the United States Government has engaged in Never-Ending Crimes against Vietnam Veterans, refusing to treat them honestly, or with any respect, while the VA is determined to engage in any Con-Game, Scheme, or Illegal Act, to steal the Benefits Vietnam Veterans EARNED, trying to drive Disabled Vietnam Veterans, to Sucide.

This website exposes many of those Government Con-Games, and ongoing Crimes, and even a few of the thousands of Disabled Veterans Murdered by the VA.

At least Three-Hundred, and Seven Thousand (307,000) Disabled Veterans were Intentionally Murdered with the VA's Medical Waiting Lists, and an Estimated Two Hundred Thousand (200,000) more committed suicide because of the Army & VA's "Bad Paper Discharge Con-Game".

Yet the "VA Medical Waiting Lists Con-Games", and "Bad Paper Discharge Con-Games" continue.

Meanwhile, Billy Kidwell recently discovered undenialable evidence that the Army, and VA, conspired together to destroy the lives, and steal the benefits, from thousands of other Disabled Vietnam Veterans with another "Illegal Secret Con-Game using Army Article 15's", that were REQUIRED to have been destroied over Fifty (50) Years ago.

Article 15's are Non-Judicial Punishment, and ARE NOT CONVICTIONS, but merely allegations of extremely minor Company-Level Mistakes, such as being late to a formation, or having unshined shoes. [Emphasis added.]

The Army, and VA, have been using these extremely minor Article 15's, in an illegal "Secret Article 15 Con-Game", to destroy Disabled Vietnam Veterans Lives, to fraudulently claim their Army Service was Under Dishonorable Conditions, to steal the Disabled Veteran's VA Benefits, to steal Veterans VA Medical Care, and Disability Payments, and to destroy the Veteran's Family, driving thousands, and thousands of America's Disabled Veterans, to commit Suicide.

Army Discharges, Under Dishonorable Conditions, are supposed to be given for only the most Horrific Felony Crimes, and not for an alleged Traffic Ticket, or being late for a Formation, or used as Punishment for receiving an Artice 15, Fifty (50) Years ago.

The Army, and VA, are illegally using Article 15's to drive Disabled Veterans, with Combat Stress Disabilities, to commit Suicide, as a means of stealing their VA Benefits, to reduce the cost of the Vietnam War.

Exposing these Inhuman, Illegal, Army, and VA Crimes, is WHY the U.S. Government wants Disabled Vietnam Veteran Activist, Billy Kidwell, DEAD!


After Billy Kidwell was discharged from the Army in 1970, he realized that his discharge was illegal, so on December 17, 1975, he requested a complete record of his Army Service.

From December 17, 1975 to the present, a time period of Forty-Eight (48) Years, the United States Army has been refusing to comply with Billy Kidwell's Army Records Request, and has been hiding Billy Kidwell's Army Records.

From December 17, 1975 to the present, the Army has intentionally hid, and refuse to provide Billy Kidwell with even a single piece of paper from his Army Records, as the Army hides the Torture, Murder, and Illegal Discharge, of Disabled Soldiers returning from Vietnam, by the United States Army.

Billy Kidwell's Army Records will prove the Army TORTURED Kidwell, denied him Medical Care for his Combat Stress Disabilities, stole his Army Pay, stole the Combat Medals he EARNED in Vietnam, put him in the Stockade for being Disabled from Combat, Gang Beat Him, Starved Him, Tortured Him, lied about his Extremely Honorable Character of Service, and Falsified his Army Discharge, Stole his Honorable Discharge, and then hid his Army Records, for Forty-Eight (48) Years, and continues to hide his Army Records, to cover up all those crimes.

For Forty-Eight (48) Years now, Billy Kidwell has not been able to have one honest hearing, on his Inhuman Torture by the Army, and his Illegal Army Discharge, or have "Meaningful" Access to a single Court, because the Army is hiding all the Evidence, by hiding his Army Service Records.

In a letter by Army Review Board Official, Andree Smith, the Army ADMITS Kidwell cannot get an Honest Hearing without his Army Records, and yet the Army intends to hide Kidwell's Army Records, until Billy Kidwell dies. [Emphasis added.]


When Billy Kidwell applied for VA Benefits the VA sent him a simple letter stating the VA reviewed all of his Army Records and that "the conditions under which Kidwell was discharged, preclude receiving VA Benefits".

The letter fraudulently claims there was an "Enclosure", an "Appeal Paragraph" but Billy Kidwell's VA Records prove that there was no such paragraph, that no "Enclosure" was ever sent to Kidwell, and that Billy Kidwell tried to Appeal, and was not allowed to do so by the VA.

This simple VA Benefit Denial Letter was sent to everyone with a Bad Paper Discharge (An AR 635-200 For the Good of the Service Discharge) that applied for VA Benefits, so there are thousands, and thousands of victims.

For the past Forty-Three (43) Years Billy Kidwell has sporatically requested VA Records pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act (F.O.I.A.), and each F.O.I.A Response was incomplete, with the VA hiding records that exposed misconduct by theVA, and the Army.

In the VA's most recent F.O.I.A. Records Release, for the first time, there was a document the VA had been hiding, for the past Forty-Eight (48) Years, titled "Administrative Decision, Character of Service Deptermination".

This newly discovered document proves Billy Kidwell's "Determination of Character of Service" by the VA, was based SOLELY on Article 15's Billy Kidwell accepted in the Army, that the VA had illegally obtained, and that the VA somehow illegally got Articvle 15's from the Army that were supposed to be destroied, no later than two (2) years after they were accepted, and are PROHIBITED from being used by the VA because they are not convictions, and are Non-Judicial, without Due Process. [Emphasis added].

Army Records of Article 15's that were REQUIRED, by law, to have been destroied over Fifty (50) Years ago.

This was very significant because the Army was REQUIRED to destroy all records of Article 15's, when a soldier was transfered to a new company, or no later than Two (2) Years, after the Article 15 was issued, and Article 15's were specifically PROHIBITED from being used by the VA, or being used in any Court, because they are "Company-Level Non-Judicial Punishment", and NOT CONVICTIONS. [See Article 15 Exhibit 1, Article 15 Exhibit 2, Article 15 Exhibit 3.]

The VA knowingly illegally obtained those Article 15's, and illegally used those Article 15's, to deny Billy Kidwell VA Benefits, from April 21, 1972 to October 1, 1984.

The VA treated those Illegal Article 15's, as if they were Judicial Convictions, to steal Billy Kidwell's VA Benefits, from April 21, 1972 until October 1, 1984, the date Kidwell's Army Discharge was corrected to Honorable.

And all this was kept SECRET from Billy Kidwell until he recently received the VA's "Determination of Character of Service" Record, and a small number of Army Records, in his VA File, that the VA, and Army, had been hiding.

The VA owes Billy Kidwell OVER Twelve (12) Years of VA Benefits, both VA Medical Care, and VA Disability Payments, and Damages for Illegally having copies of his Article 15's, and Illegally using them to steal his VA Benefits.

This was the first time Billy Kidwell knew the VA illegally used Army Article 15's, because Billy Kidwell thought the Army had followed the law, and destroied all of his Article 15's, Fifty (50) Years ago!

If you have, or had, a "Bad Paper Discharge', and the VA denied you benefits, because of your discharge, it is possible the VA may have illegally used your Article 15's, that were supposed to have been destroied, and owe you a substantial Back Payment.


Billy Kidwell provided the VA Regional Director in Saint Petersburg Florida, the Secretary of the VA, the VA Office of General Counsel, The VA Inspector General, and the United States Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, and SVI Section, proof the VA had illegally used Article 15's to steal Twelve (12) Years of VA Benefits from him, and that there was likely thousands of other Disabled Veterans that were victimized with illegal Article 15's.

Kidwell also filed a Tort Claim with the VA, demanding the benefits, that the VA illegally stole, be provided to him, while also seeking very reasonable damages for the harm, and wrongful, Illegal VA Conduct, towards him.

Billy Kidwell demanded an investigation by the VA Inspector General, and the United States Department of Justice, and demanded that all the thousands of Disabled Veterans that had their benefits illegally stolen, with Article 15's that were REQUIRED BY LAW to have been destroied after two (2) Years, have their stolen benefits returned to them. [See the Army requirement that the Article 15's be destroied after Two (2) Years. Exhibit 1, Exhibit 2, Exhibit 3.]

The VA Inspector General, and United States Department of Justice, refused to investigate. [Emphasis added.]

The government does not want YOU to know that the VA, and the Army, stole your VA Benefits with Illegal Article 15's, and so you need to get a copy of the VA's Determination of your Character of Service, and find out if they used Illegal Article 15's in that determination.

There needs to be a Full Investigation of this Conspiracy between the U.S. Army, and the VA, and their Crimes Against America's Disabled Veterans, and the VA's Illegal Use of Article 15's.

And there needs to be a Full Investigation of the ongoing Coverup by VA Officials, the VA Office of General Counsel, the VA Inspector General and the United States Department of Justice.

Each Veteran that had his VA Benefits stolen by the Army & VA, with Illegal Article 15's, should have those benefits paid to them.


The VA responded to Billy Kidwell exposing their "Article 15 Con-Game" by filing Complaints, and a Tort Claim, about the theft of his VA Benefits, with Illegal Article 15's, by retaliating against Kidwell, and trying to kill Billy Kidwell.

The VA knew Billy Kidwell had Heart Problems, and was receiving VA Medical Care, and VA Medications for his heart, and that Kidwell could die without his Heart Doctor, and Heart Medication.

Knowing this, the VA cut off Billy Kidwell's Life-Saving Heart Doctor, and cut off his Life-Saving Heart Medications, for over two (2) years, in a scheme to cause Billy Kidwell's Death.

The VA knew cutting off Billy Kidwell's NEEDED VA Heart Medical Care would likely cause his death, and the VA wanted Billy Kidwell dead.

VA Officials also knew Billy Kidwell had a Life-Threatening Aortic Aneurysm, and that Billy Kidwell needed to have his Aortic Aneurysm scanned every Six (6) Months, to make sure it didn't get bigger, and burst, which would likely kill him.

As additional Retaliation, the VA took away Kidwell's Primary Doctor, and his Life-Saving Aortic Aneurysm Doctor, and refused to scan Billy Kidwell's Aneurysm for over two (2) years, resulting in Kidwell's Aneurysm becoming dangerously large, needing to be operated on, before it started tearing, which would likely kill Kidwell.

The VA wanted to make damn sure Kidwell died, which would Shut-Up Kidwell, about the VA & Army's "Article 15 Con-Game", with thousands, and thousands of possible Veteran Victims.

The illegal denial of Needed, Life-Saving, Heart Care, and Heart Medications, by the VA, caused Billy Kidwell's Heart to get much worst, as he started suffering the symptoms of a pending Heart Attack, while the VA's denial of Medical Care for his Aortic Aneurysm resulted in it being dangerously large, endangering Billy Kidwell's Life.

The denial of Life-Saving Medical Care by the VA, as RETALIATION for filing a Tort Claim, was a clear, indisputable attempt, by the VA, to Murder Billy Kidwell, that Substantially Endangered His Life!


Since his discharge from the Army in 1970 Billy Kidwell has been an advocate for Disabled Veterans Rights.

Former Congressman, Jim Marshall, who abolished parts of the Disabled Veterans Tax, called Billy Kidwell's Website,, "The Leader Fighting the Disabled Veteran's Tax". (Concurrent Reciept). received evidence of the Mass Murder of Disabled Veterans by Medical Waiting Lists, and forwarded the evidence to the Justice Department, and News Media, years before it was exposed in the news, and VetsForJustice was the first to expose "Bad Paper Discharges".

The United States Department of Justice let the Murders by the VA Continue, and refused to investigate.

On October 31, 2022 Billy Kidwell suffered a Severe, Life-Threatening Heart Attack because of the VA's RETALIATION, denying him Medical Care for his Heart, and Aortic Aneurysm.

Kidwell passed out in pain, with his heart hurting, and unable to breathe, and as he fell down he hit his computer chair hard, and injured his Aortic Aneurysm, which by then was dangerously large, due to the VA not providing Kidwell Medical Care, and montoring the size of his aneurysm.On Janurary 13, 2022, while in extreme pain from his Aortic Aneurysm starting to tear, and pain from having a Major Heart Attack at the same time, from not receiving Heart Medication from the VA for over Two (2) Years, Billy Kidwell was rushed to the Sarasota Memorial Hospital Emergency Room, dying, and was immediately taken to Emergency Surgery, as doctors were called to return to the hospital, to try to save Kidwell's Life with Emergency Surgery.

The resulting Emergency Surgery saved Billy Kidwell's Life, making him nearly completely bedbound, and dying with Heart Failure, while costing Taxpayers over a Million Dollars for the surgery, and Needed Emergency Medical Care, so far, all because the VA had tried to kill Kidwell, as RETALIATION for his Tort Claim.

Billy Kidwell was having an Active Life-Threatening Heart Attack, at the same time his Aortic Aneurysm was injured, and he needed Emergency Medical Care to keep from dying.


When released from the hospital Billy Kidwell's Aneurysm Doctor gave him a prescription and told Kidwell it was very important Kidwell got the medication, and took it.

An extremely ill Billy Kidwell, a 100% Service-Conected Disabled Vietnam Veteran, left Intensive Care at the Sarasota Memorial Hospital, with his wife, and daughter, and tried to get the Needed Medication from the VA, but the VA said they would not pay for Billy Kidwell's Needed, Life-Saving Medications.

For over six (6) hours Billy Kidwell's wife, Tana Kidwell, and his daughter, Hannah Kidwell, called every phone number for the VA they could find, begging, and pleaing, for the VA to provide Billy Kidwell Medications so he wouldn't die, and the VA was determined not to provide any Medical Care, or Medications, for Billy Kidwell.

After six (6) hours of refusials by the VA Billy Kidwell's wife fell to the floor at Publix near the Public Pharmacy, dizzy, about to pass out, with her heart hurting, as she was crying saying the VA was killing her husband.

Billy Kidwell's daughter was also crying and shaking, saying the VA was killing her dad.

At last the Kidwell Family, after six (6) hours, was able to get ahold of a VA Inspector General who got Billy Kidwell the needed Medications, after the VA had almost killed Billy Kidwell, and has his wife have Heart Pains, and his daughter having a nerveious breakdown.

This is the Inhuman Way the VA goes after Whistleblowers that report corruption in the VA.


arehe ArmyN Billy Kidwell Discovers Evidence the Army, and VA, Conspired Together in an Article 15 Con-Game


s Never-Ending Con-Games, that are exposed, and described, at this website,

a long history of discrimination, [Billy Kidwell's Request for Army Records] hate, and abuse towards Disabled Vietnam Veterans.

The only problem is that the United States Department of Justice has a long history of Blatant Hate for Disabled Vietnam Veterans, and a complete lack of respect for any law that does not support the Justice Department's Socialist Political Agenda, which refuses to respect the rights of Elderly, Disabled Vietnam Veterans, and refuses to, under any circumstance, to Protect the Rights of Elderly, Disabled, Vietnam Veterans, or comply with the Statutory Requirements of the Servicemembers, and Veterans Initiative Act.

The Servicemembers and Veterans Initiative Act, is no more than a joke to the United States Department of Justice, and there is no one to help, or Protect the Rights of America's Disabled Vietnam Veterans.


We DEMAND that the Servicemembers, and Veterans Initiative Con Game Immediately Stop

It's been two (2) Years, with the Servicemembers, and Veterans Initiative refusing to help Disabled Veterans, while targeting the most vulnerable Veterans, Elderly, Disabled Vietnam Veterans, with Combat Stress Disabilities, to discriminate against.

We DEMAND that Congresswoman Veronica Escobar, and her "Associates" (Congressman Taylor, Senator Hirono, Senator Ernst, the Paralyzed Veterans of America, Veterans Education Success, and the Student Veterans of America) in this Servicemembers, and Veterans Initiative Act Con Game, to immediately stop the targeted Discrimination of America's most vulnerable, most helpless Disabled Veterans, by contacting the Justice Depart DEMANDING that Billy Kidwell immediately be provided counsel to protect his Rights, and that his rights start being protected.

The United States Department of Justice is using the Servicemembers, and Veterans Initiative to try to kill Billy Kidwell, an Elderly, 100% Service-Connected, Disabled Vietnam Veteran, and that needs to immediately stop.

And there needs to be hearings by the House, and Senate Committees on the Judiciary to stop the Justice Department's Blatant Hate, and Discrimination, towards Elderly, Severely Disabled Vietnam Veterans, with Combat Stress Disabilities.

YOU can help by contacting your local Newspaper with this story.

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