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Billy Ray Kidwell

In 1968 Billy Kidwell enlisted with a friend using the "Buddy-Plan" in the United States Army to be an Airborne Ranger. He was sent to Fort Benning Georgia however his "friend" backed out and didn't show up.

Kidwell completed basic and asked for Vietnam Service where Kidwell again volunteered and worked as a "Honcho" with the Local Nationals in villeges by himself getting promoted to E-4. While on a sweep in Vietnam, Kidwell volunteered for, Kidwell was sprayed by a chopper with Agent Orange causing blisters all over him, as he immediately tryed to wash off the burning Agent Orange in a stream.

The Agent Orange caused Kidwell to immediately develope bleeding sores all over his head that have continued to flare up, and bleed, since 1969.

Kidwell returned from Vietnam Disabled and was discharged. The same day, October 8, 1970, Kidwell filed for VA Disability Benefits at the downtown Cincinnati VA Office in the Federal Building.

For two (2) years Kidwell kept asking about his VA Claim and in 1972 was told by the Cincinnati VA Office that they had misplaced his VA Claim File and that Kidwell had to come into the office and file a new claim.

On April 21, 1972 Kidwell went into the Cincinnati VA Office and filed a new VA Claim, as instructed by VA Officials. [Click here to see the claim form].

From April 1972 to 1984, a time period of twelve (12) years the VA kept stalling, refusing to process Kidwell's VA Disability Claim while the Disabled Kidwell had to sleep in the woods in the rain, sleep under bridges, eat garbage from garbage cans, starving, as he went in, and out of VA hospitals for his Vietnam Disabilities, unable to work.

Kidwell has a sleeping disorder from excessive combat called "P.T.S.D.", Kidwell was injuried durring a Rocket Attack and has one side numb, a numb leg, and an injuried back from the Rocket Attack, Kidwell has ever-bleeding sores on his head from being sprayed with Agent Orange,

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