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Disabled Veterans Needing EMERGENCY Help!


Welcome to Our New Disabled Vets Needing Emergency Help Page

This page is intended to help expose the Inhuman Treatment of America's Disabled Veterans by our OWN government, and hopefully help them to get the help they EARNED with their service, and deserve.

For at least Fifty (50) Years our government has betrayed our Soldiers, and Veterans, driving them to suicide, and then hiding their Suicide Notes, and engaging in Medical Care Waiting List Con-Games, and other crimes against America's Disabled Veterans.

This page is intended to help expose how Inhuman America's Disabled Veterans are treated, the filthy way the VA Treats us, and how Veterans are MURDERED, and Intentionally Driven to Suicide by our government.

Hopefully this page will help some Veterans get the care they Earned, and Deserve.



The Entitled Life of a Disabled Veteran

Yesterday morning...this happens at least 3 - 4 times a week. Blood Clots, blood very thick in catheter bag ( I am on blood thinners for pulmonary embolisms.VA knows.)
* Catheter in 5 months grinding my bladder up.
* When I went to Gainesville Florida VA for procedures to see if my bladder nerves/response was functioning well enough for TURP procedure.
* The dr showed me the video and told me to look at this large area that was "ground up looking yellowish white in color."
* This Dr called in Oncologist to look at it to decide if it was cancerous- he did so and said no it's not. ( Calibrated vision I guess - not knowing I had Stage 4 cancer in 2007 in different area.)
* After both test - Testing Dr told me that I would be called within a week or two to be scheduled for TURP.
Catheter reinserted...and I left.
* 3d week heard nothing I call Gainesville Florida VA scheduling - nothing.
> I call Urology "You will be called."
* I decided I better call daily because the pain, blood, blood clots, urine running past catheter hose daily.. as I try to simply walk...was beyond humiliating and at 63 I can't fathom the nightmare of wearing a diaper...happened in public, home, car...because VA canceled my first scheduled (correction) two test procedures "DUE TO CHINESE WUHAN VIRUS."
* After many days..weeks of arguing, begging VA calls and "told me" Surgery was scheduled for July 21, 2020 that I was going to be the first surgical procedure that morning so they would put me up in a nearby hotel on the 20th after 1500 hrs check in.
> I was kind of relieved hearing this but also wondered if this was being done to placate me, keep me from calling them daily.
> I was also told that I had to come to Gainesville Florida VA for Covid 19 testing on the 17th July 2020 which was setup outside.
> I asked if I would receive appointment letters.
"Yes as soon as I get off the phone I will get them in the mail to you.
*** I have not received any letter as of yesterday.
> I called Gainesville Florida VA Urology and explained what was going on with the severe bleeding and pissing myself and I could smell ...oh I will get Dr to call you back.
> I happened to be outside yesterday morning after my horrible pain and bloody, pissy episode because a septic tank company was here to clean out the tank.
> The man from the septic service was finishing up and we were talking when my phone rang...I saw it was VA so I answered.
> This is Marilynn fro VA Urology (identified me) then told me "Your surgery has been canceled for July 21 2020 because of the Covid 19 Virus. ^I literally broke out in ice cold sweats....and felt like I was going to vomit.
> I began questioning "Marilynn" as to why VA was canceling my surgery because VA is causing other health issues with bladder damage, infections constantly,  antibiotics, and potential kidney, liver and other problems.
^ Marilynn began screaming at me - the fella from the septic service was about 7 ft from me and he was pie eyed jaw dropping...it's not my fault..you listen.  She was screaming over my questions voicing my concerns.
^ I have ptsd stuff...I exploded.. piss running down my legs.. cold sweats...screaming into my phone...I was soaked from top to bottom.
^ I was so upset I could hardly stand up...I was shaking all over...I had to hang on to the fence where me and the guy were talking...he left and I made it back to a chair on my porch and collapsed. I FUQING CRIED I NEVER CRY.
> I calmed down called for my Dr in Urology VA Gainesville Florida Dr. Teutch that tells me repeatedly its not pain..its discomfort.
^ A lady answered (not Marilynn) and I tried to calmly request that Dr. Teutch call me because I need a surgical referral because this is an emergency.  Yes sir..I'll put a message in and someone will call you.
> 20 minutes later I get a call from my assigned Dr. Yesenia Teutsch VA Gainesville Florida Urology
^ Dr is speaking very calm almost in a whisper and I explained why I need a surgical referral and her voice elevated as she said, " You cannot get a surgical referral because VA does that surgery here.
^ I explained all the health dangers that she was placing me in by refusing emergency health care to me...louder voice now "This is ELECTIVE SURGERY and it can't be done now."
^ I restated what I said earlier and then gave her my version of elective surgery such as a bone spur, orthopedic,  plastic surgery...Reply "YOU ARE NOT GETTING A REFERRAL. "
and then started ranting very loud about VA.
* I couldn't take it anymore. .gave up...hung uo.
* After 10 minutes or so I decided I had to call my fiance of 7 years.. we have not seen one another since February of this year.
> I called my Fiance that I miss n luv dearly and told her what happened she was really upset - told me "you know I have you on my health insurance policy and you have drs here that have taken care if you before.
DRS IN NETHERLANDS  that did their training in Gainesville.  ^ I have to take my pissy bloody infected self to the Netherlands ( a 20 hour trip with layovers) because VA wants me damaged sick to keep them in business until they murder me....by denying care.
* I have sat here for hours thinking of what method I should use to end it....not hurting others.. but I am sick and tired....my country is being destroyed.. I have no quality of life...the best Dr I had for 17 years retired...I miss our sessions. .Dr.B at Jax VA was my family...still is...i remember we hugged at my last session..
I can't even get 20 minutes with a real dr to talk to now....
* FUQ I can't...because of my grandkids.
My fiance, my sons...I have to man up, grow a spine, pull up my big boys panties, grow a set...yes.. be a real man.  Soldier up, oooraaah
* I have to buy diapers instead.take my bloody infected, pissy self..and prepare to travel to the Netherlands to my fiance...to Doctors that care and will take care of me..Drs. that were trained right in Gainesville Florida...Drs that worked briefly for VA but couldn't stand how they treated patients...
* I am so depressed.  So gd angry...I have to leave my country...my country that's getting destroyed... my country where big pharma and VA don't give a shiot...this is heartbreaking..



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