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Female Veterans Discriminated Against by DVA


In 1901 Congress created the Army Nurse Corps. Nurses were not allowed rank, and could not be promoted. They did not receive equal pay as men, could not retire, or receive Veterans Benefits.

400,000 women served in WWII in the Womens Army Auxillary Corps and again they were denied equal pay and fair treatment.

Today women stand side by side with men in the military however discrimination still exists.

The large Veterans Service Organizations are geared towards men, and like the Department of Veterans Affairs, discriminates against women, and do not have the outreach programs to provide equal, or fair, treatment.

While both the DVA, and Service Organizations, research the effects of Agent Orange, and toxins on MALE Veterans, and the DVA provides benefits for exposure to toxins to MALE Veterans, FEMALE Veterans exposed to toxins are completely ignoried.

Fort McClellan the first permanent home of the U.S. Womens Army Corps is known for being the most toxic place on earth.

Thousands of women have been exposed to toxins at Fort McClellan that have resulted in cancers, and many other medical problems. Yet the DVA will not award the women the Service-Connected Benefits they EARNED with their military service.

There is a Veteran Leader who has fought, non-stop, to address this injustice.

Sue Frasier is a Female Veterans Activist, who has worked, non-stop, to correct the injustices inflicted on America's Female Veterans

All Veterans need to UNITE behind Sue Frasier in the battle for equal, and the FAIR treatment of America's Female Veterans, such as the massive toxin exposure inflicted on female Veterans at Fort McClellan.


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