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We ask President Trump to Keep his Word

President Trump promised that he is going to take care of America's Veterans.

So far President Trump has worked on  keeping several of his promises, however we have seen no attempt by President Trump to keep his promise to America's Veteran.

In fact, one of the very first things President Trump did was appoint a member of the Washington D.C. Swamp to head the Department of Veterans Affairs.

For the past forty years every President has promised to clean up the Department of Veterans Affairs and all they've done is appoint some Corporate Crook, or Washington Insider, to be the Secretary of the VA, causing the DVA to just become more corrupt.

President Trump's pick for Secretary of the VA, David Shulkin, is a member of the DVA Swamp that has caused America's Disabled Veterans to DIE waiting for medical care.

The DVA, under President Trump, is just as corrupt as it's always been.

1. It sometimes takes months to see a doctor.

2. VA Records favorable to VA Claims are still shredded at Regional Offices, like the Saint Petersburg VA Regional Office.

3. Older Veterans that have been defrauded, and victimized, by criminal conduct by VA Officials intended to STEAL their VA Benefits are still denied even a speck of honesty.

4. Honorable Discharged Veterans, like Tom Hubbert in Georgia, not only live in povery because of criminal conduct by the VA to steal there small VA Pension, but are victimized by a DVA so corrupt it even steals their Military Funeral they EARNED.

And the United States Department of Justice, under President Trump, is still going by the President Obama "Policy" not to enforce violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act, when America's Disabled Veterans are victimized.

You have to be a minority, or "Person of Color" for the United States Department of Justice to protect your Americans with Disabilities Act Rights.

So Our Question to President Trump is........

Exactly WHEN do you intend to keep your promise to America's Veterans?

When will you "Make America Great Again" for those that shed their blood to provide you with the Freedoms you enjoy?

Please leave your coments below.

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