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"Dirty Cops" The US Department of Justice

If a Disabled Veteran makes an ADA, or Civil Rights Complaint, the Justice Department will ignore it, and claim they never received a Complaint.

That is because Obama's White House set a "Policy" that the Justice Department must NOT enforce rights for either Light-Skinned People, or for America's Veterans.

President Trump promised to fight the injustices against America's Veterans, and to see that we receive justice.

President Trump has been in office nearly three (3) months, and he has not taken a single step yet to clean up the United States Department of Justice, or address any of the injustices being inflicted on America's Veterans by the Justice Department.

Disabled Veterans cannot sit on a beach in Florida, shop at a store, or exercise their rights to the Courts because the United States Department of Justice, under President Obama, was Ordered not to enforce the Americans with Disabilities Act, when Veterans are the victims.

Because the Justice Department has continued Obama's Policies under President Trump.

We ask President Donald Trump to ORDER Jeff Sessions to change the "Obama Era Policy" of the United States Department of Justice to discriminate against America's Disabled Veterans.

We ask the Justice Department to vigorously protect the rights of those that defended this country.

We DEMAND "Race-Neutral" Enforcement of the Law, that enforcement of the law not be based on the color of one's skin, or a person's Military Service.

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