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Comcast Veteran Con-Game


On April 30, 2020 Military.Com ran an article claiming "A revised program by Comcast is giving Disabled Veterans, Low Income Veterans, and Military Families, in the company's service area Free Internet for two (2) months, according to a Comcast Release."

In a scheme to make the public believe that Comcast cares about the Military and America's Disabled Veterans the article further claims "Comcast is giving disabled veterans and low-income veterans and military families in the company's service area free internet connections for two months, according to a Comcast release."

"Currently, those veterans and military families have access to the company's Internet Essentials plan, which provides qualifying users with basic internet service for $9.95 per month. But between now and Dec. 31, new Internet Essentials customers will receive two months free in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the company said."


Comcast doesn't give anything FREE to anyone! Comcast is known for being one of the most dishonest companies on earth, baiting customers with low cost Inductory Offers, and then bleeding their customers with prices so high, and "rentals" for a modem, for a TV Box, and charges, and fees of all sorts, that the actual price the customer ends up with is often three times the price of the "Inductory Offer" they were conned into being a Comcast Customer with.

There is NO HONESTY, NO FAIRNESS. This is all a "Bait and Switch" Scam by Comcast, and most Veterans, and Military, will regret every hearing the name of Comcast!

The CEO of Comcast, Brian L. Roberts, doesn't give a damn about America's Soldiers, or America's Disabled Veterans. He never served in the Military and takes the Freedom he enjoys for granted, worshiping the dollar, while he profiteers off our Troops, and Disabled Veterans, bleeding them for every penny he can cheat them out of.

The alleged "Programs" for Disabled Veterans, and the Military, by Comcast are actually DISHONEST INTRODUCTORY BAIT, AND SWITCH, CON-GAMES in the slick, "Legal" form of being "Inductory Offers".

The Inductory Offers are NOT intended to help Veterans, or the Military, as Comcast fraudulently claims, but are Inductory Offers, that are part of a slick Con-Game by Brian L. Roberts, intended to use a low cost inductory price to BAIT DISABLED VETERANS, and CHEAT THEM OUT OF MOST OF THEIR SMALL, FIXED, DISABILITY CHECKS!

Once the Veteran, or Military Member, becomes a customer, and when that short inductory peroid expires, Comcast will switch prices, and double, or even tripple, your charges for their internet, and bleed you with outragious prices, costs, and extremely poor service, for years.

Brian L. Roberts operates like a Mafia Crime Boss using Non-Stop Lies, and Dishonesty, to steal from the Poorest, and Most Vulnerable in America, America's Disabled Combat Veterans.


We ask Military.Com stop helping corrupt Corporations, like Comcast, victimize our Military, and our Disabled Veterans

Here is how the Brian L. Roberts Rip-Off and American Disabled Veteran Con-Game works.

Brian L. Roberts took over his dad's Comcast Corporation which in 1990 had $657 Million ($657,000,000) in revenue.

By using Dishonest "Tactics", like the Comcast Inductory Offer Con-Game, where Comcast advertises a small price, but does not honestly explain that that small price is only being used to "Bait" New Customers durring an Inductory Period, Brian L. Roberts now has OVER $109 Billion ($109,000,000,000) in revenue, and he owns Comcast, NBC Universal, the Universal Theme Parks, and SKY.

Brian L. Roberts is very careful to keep secret the Real, the Actual Price Comcast will charge, with equeptment rentals, and fees of all sorts, Secret.

The Comcast Advertisments by Brian L. Roberts intentionally mislead the Public into believing the cheap, "Hook The Suckers" Inductory Price by Comcast is the actual price for Comcast Services, and that Comcast is offering the Deal to Benefit Disabled Veterans, and the Military, with statements like;

"As our country continues to navigate the COVID-19 emergency, we recognize that our company plays an important role in helping the military community stay connected -- to their families, the VA and other health services, and the latest information about the virus -- through the Internet," Comcast said in a statement. "To help bridge the digital divide during this time of need, we're providing special offers to the thousands of veterans who qualify for our Internet Essentials program."

The above statementy by Comcast was carefully worded, and caluated, to deceive those reading the Comcast Statement into believing Comcast is doing this Inductory Offer to help Military Communities and Disabled Veterans.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Brian L. Roberts, and Comcast, could care less about America's Military Community, and Disabled Veterans, or their hardships durring the Covid-19 Emergency.

Comcast has terrorized 100% Service-Connected Disabled Veteran, Billy Kidwell, driving him to having a Stress-Caused Heart Attack, as Comcast harassed Kidwell with Non-Stop Lies, and Dishonesty, stealing half of Kidwell's small Social Check each month with charges, fees, rental prices, and the actual price of his Comcast Internet being hid with an Inductory Price Con-Game.

The way Comcast cheated Kidwell is how Comcast treats Disabled Veterans that are dumb enough to trust Comcast and accept one of their "Inductory" Offers.

Offers that ALWAYS conceal the actual price AFTER the small Inductory Period expires.

The Truth

Here are the hard lessions Billy Kidwell, and the truth Kidwell has learned from dealing with an Anti-American Crook, Brian L. Roberts, and his Comcast Corporation.

1. Brian L. Roberts, and Comcast don't give a damn about this Country, or America's Veterans, and Military, or their hardships durring the Covid-19 Emergency. All Roberts, and Comcast care about is getting America's Disabled Veterans, and Military HOOKED by Comcast, with lies, and Con-Games, and they are so low they are using the Covid-19 Emergency in a scheme to defraud Veterans, and the Military.

2. Comcast lies and says the Inductory Offer is a "Program to Help Veterans".

We challenge Brian L. Roberts, Comcast, and Military.Com to TELL THE TRUTH in their advertising for Comcast.

(a) Admit that the Comcast Offer is not a "Program to Help Veterans" and is nothing more than an Inductory Offer.

That Comcast will NOT allow 100% Disabled Veterans, like Billy Kidwell, who is already hooked by Comcast, to join the fake "Program" because it is not really a program to help Disabled Veterans, but is actually an Inductory Offer, ONLY FOR NEW COMCAST CUSTOMERS.

That America's Disabled Veterans, trying to live on Small Fixed Disability Checks, like Billy Kidwell, are being victimized by Comcast and paying nearly Three Hundred ($300) a month! Nearly half of their Social Security.

This proves how much Comcast "cares" for America's 100% Service-Connected Disabled Veterans.

Comcast SCREWS them!

(b) Demand that Comcast starts being truthful.

Comcast, and Brian L. Roberts, need to start being truthful in advertising.

Comcast needs to truthfully admit their fraudulent "Military Program" is actually a Military Inductory Offer is ONLY FOR NEW COMCAST CUSTOMERS, and that current Members of the Military, and current Disabled Veterans already with Comcast are SCREWED, and will continue to get victimized, and bleed by Comcast.

Comcast needs to truthfully explain, before Members of the Military, and Disabled Veterans join their fake Program, that AFTER the Inductory Period that Members of the Military, and Disabled Veterans, will be bled, and charged outragious amounts of money for continued Comcast Services, and equeptment rentials, and fees of all sorts, inflicting very substantial harm on the Military Family, and/or, Disabled Veteran.

(c)  Comcast needs to tell the truth about how once Comcast gets a customer on a Higher Priced "Program" that Comcast WILL NOT ALLOW the customer to ever transfer to a cheaper program!

Comcast Corporate told Billy Kidwell that he can never get services cheaper than the nearly $300 a month he is paying Comcast now. That he will have to go hungry and have the internet, or have some money from his Social Security, and VA Disability, for food, and have Comcast turn his internet off. This is how much Comcast cares for Disabled Veterans, and their hardships durring COVID-19.

(d) Comcast needs to make new customers aware that Comcast is Nationally Known for poor Customer Service, lying to customers, cheating customers, and not providing the services customers are charged for.

And Military.Com needs to start being honest with its readers about just how dishonest, and evil, Brian L. Robert's Comcast really is, and what the true cost of this Inductory Scheme by Comcast will really be to Members of the Military, and Disabled Veterans.

We DARE Military.Com to be honest, and post the actual cost Comcast charged 100% Disabled Veteran, Billy Kidwell, the past twenty (20) Years, so these "New" Comcast Customers can see their future.


And we DARE Military.Com to join us in DEMANDING that Brian L. Roberts, and his Comcast Corporation, who has defrauded America's Disabled Veterans out of more money than he can ever spend, to actually establish a REAL DISCOUNT PROGRAM for the Military, and for Disabled Veterans, whom have provided the Freedom he uses to cheat them.

Instead of a Dishonest Inductory Offer Con-Game to victimize America's Military, and Veterans.

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