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Disabled Veterans Have No ADA Rights in Florida

President Trump's Justice Department Discriminates Against Disabled Veterans and Refuses to Enforce ADA Disability Rights for Veterans

Disabled Veterans have no ADA Disability Rights Because of Trump's Justice Department

Disabled Veterans needing Service Dogs cannot go to a Beach, or Park, or shop in Florida.

Disabled Veterans are sporatically harassed, publically embarassed, and threatened with arrest when they try to shop at Publix, Walmart, ALDI's, and other stores in Florida with a Service Dog. [Click to see video of how Disabled Veterans needing a Service Dog are treated at Walmarts in Florida.]

The United States Department of Justice has a Statutory Duty to enforce the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that provides Equal Access to State, and Public Facilities for the Disabled.

However, under President Trump the U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, will not respond to ADA Complaints from Disabled Veterans, or make any attempt to investigate, or to protect the Disability Rights of Disabled Veterans.

It is the view of President Trump, and his Justice Department, that Elderly, Disabled, Vietnam Combat Veterans are NOT Human, and do NOT deserve any Human Rights.

President Trump's Justice Department quickly protects the rights of all Minoraties, Gays, Women, hell the Justice Department will even fight for the rights of Terrorists that have killed Americans that are housed at Guantanamo Bay in Cubia.

But Trumps Justice Deparetment cannot stand the idea of letting an Elderly, Disabled, Vietnam Combat Veteran sit on a beach in Florida with his Service Dog, visit a park in Florida, shop in a store, buy food, eat in a resturant, or have any Human Rights.

Disabled Veterans in Trump's America are only allowed to sit at their home, counting the minutes, Waiting to Die.

President Trump, and his Administration, does not consider America's Disabled Combat Veterans to be Human, or Deserving of Basic Human Rights.


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