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Disabled Veterans Have No ADA Rights in Florida

President Trump's Justice Department Discriminates Against Disabled Veterans and Refuses to Enforce ADA Disability Rights for Veterans

Disabled Veterans have no ADA Disability Rights Because of Trump's Justice Department

Disabled Veterans needing Service Dogs cannot go to a Beach, or Park, or shop in Florida.

Disabled Veterans are sporatically harassed, publically embarassed, and threatened with arrest when they try to shop at Publix, Walmart, ALDI's, and other stores in Florida with a Service Dog. [Click to see video of how Disabled Veterans needing a Service Dog are treated at Walmarts in Florida.]

The United States Department of Justice has a Statutory Duty to enforce the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that provides Equal Access to State, and Public Facilities for the Disabled.

However, under President Trump the U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, will not respond to ADA Complaints from Disabled Veterans, or make any attempt to investigate, or to protect the Disability Rights of Disabled Veterans.

It is the view of President Trump, and his Justice Department, that Elderly, Disabled, Vietnam Combat Veterans are NOT Human, and do NOT deserve any Human Rights.

President Trump's Justice Department quickly protects the rights of all Minoraties, Gays, Women, hell the Justice Department will even fight for the rights of Terrorists that have killed Americans that are housed at Guantanamo Bay in Cubia.

But Trumps Justice Deparetment cannot stand the idea of letting an Elderly, Disabled, Vietnam Combat Veteran sit on a beach in Florida with his Service Dog, visit a park in Florida, shop in a store, buy food, eat in a resturant, or have any Human Rights.

Disabled Veterans in Trump's America are only allowed to sit at their home, counting the minutes, Waiting to Die.

President Trump, and his Administration, does not consider America's Disabled Combat Veterans to be Human, or Deserving of Basic Human Rights.


Since returning from Vietnam in 1969 I have been Tortured, and Victimized, by one Illegal Scheme, after another, by Corrupt Government Officials, from the Army, to the VA, to the United States Department of Justice, which is covering up the Intentional Murder of Disabled Veterans.

For the past Fifty (50) Years I have watched my fellow Vietnam Veterans being Tortured, and Intentionally Driven to Suicide, by the same, exact schemes.

I have fought the Army, and VA, for Fifty (50) Years as both refused to comply with the Freedom of Information Act, hiding "Key" Army, and VA Records, so they could conceal their Crimes.

Recently the VA screwed up and sent me many of my "Key" VA, and Army Records, the Government has been illegally concealing from me for the past Fifty (50) Years.

My Official Army, and VA Records, prove the United States Government has Murdered OVER One Hundred Thousand (100,000) Disabled Veterans by Intentionally Driving them to Suicide, in a Government Scheme to reduce the cost of the Vietnam War, by stealing the VA Benefits they EARNED.

The Military, Army Navy, Airforce, Marines, etc., engages in Dishonest Criminal Schemes, such as the Military's "Bad Paper Discharge Con Game", or the Military's "Article 15 Con Game" to destroy Veteran's Lives, and hopefully drive the Veteran to committing Suicide.

If that doesn't work it's the VA's turn.

The Veterans Administration uses a "Disabled Veterans Con Game" in which the VA habitually lies, falsifies Paperwork, Shreds Records, Conceals Records, and All Evidence Favorable to the Veteran, Suborns, and uses Perjury in Court, while using Dilatory Tactics, waiting for the Veteran to die, before processing their Disability Paperwork.

The VA also schemes with the Military in a "Secret Article 15 Con Game" in which the VA illegally uses Article 15's to fraudulently claim Veterans with Bad Paper Discharges have Dishonorable Discharges, so the VA can steal their VA Benefits.

The VA destroies Veteran's Families, starves Veterans, making them eat out of garbage cans, and sleep in the woods, and under bridges, and will commit any crime, or wrongful act, to steal a Disabled's Veterans VA Benefits, and drive the Veteran to suicide.

At least Twenty-Two (22) Disabled Veterans are driven to suicide each day, or one Disabled Veteran is driven to suicide every Sixty-Five (65) Minutes!

So far, the Army, and the Veterans Administration, have driven OVER One Hundred Thousand (100,000) Disabled Vietnam Veterans to suicide.

If that doesn't work the VA uses an "Illegal Medical Waiting List Con Game" mostly to target, and kill, Elderly Disabled Vietnam Veterans.

According to a VA Inspector General Investigation in 2015 at least Three Hundred Thousand (300,000) Elderly Disabled Veterans were intentionally MURDERED by VA Officials with VA Medical Waiting Lists.

Today it is estimated that OVER Five Hundred Thousand (500,000) Disabled Veterans have been MURDERED by the VA with the "VA Medical Waiting List Con Game" while the Justice Department covers up the MURDERS by VA Officials.

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