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SeaWorld Tortures Disabled Veteran

SeaWorld Tortures Disabled Veteran

SeaWorld's Busch Gardens Theme Parks draw their crowds with their thrill rides.

They do not want the Elderly, or Disabled Veterans, in wheelchairs, and with Service Animals, spoiling the "festive atmosphere" of their Parks.

Billy Kidwell is a 100% Service-Connected Disabled Veteran with a severe back injury, obtained durring a Rocket Attack in Vietnam, and a unique Life-Threatening, Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.), that causes Kidwell Stress-Caused Heart Attacks, when he is exposed to Stress.

Because of his disabilities Kidwell needs an electric wheel chair, and his Service Animals, two small Japanese Chins, to spend the day at Busch Gardens with his family, as Kidwell avoids the crowds, sitting out of the way by himself, while his family enjoys the rides.

According to the United States Department of Justice, dogs that calm a person with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, (PTSD), during an anxiety attack, are ALWAYS considered a "Service Animal", pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Click Here to See the Justice Department Rules

SeaWorld said that they consider P.T.S.D. Service Dogs, for Combat Veterans like Kidwell, to be "Emotional Therapy Dogs". Click here to see the Busch Gardens E-Mail

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act Busch Gardens was only allowed to ask two questions, is the dog a Service Animal. and what service does it provide. [See the U.S. Justice Department Rules].

Bush Gardens violated the law by having an employee, untrained as to the requirements of the ADA, and the law on Service Animals, arbitrarily, and capriciously, decide that a P.T.S.D. Service Animal, is some kind of "Therapy" Dog, when Federal Law says a P.T.S.D. Dog is ALWAYS a Service Animal.

To ban P.T.S.D. Dogs in effect bans every member of the Military that has been in heavy combat, and NEEDS a Service Animal.

To understand the motive for the Torture of Disabled Veterans in the Eleventh Circuit, you have to understand the extreme hate judges in the Eleventh Circuit have for Pro Se Litigants, the Bill of Rights, and Individual Rights, and Freedoms in America.

In the early 1920’s an ideology crept into every aspect of the German Government. They wanted to unite Germans into a Master Race, while excluding those they considered to belong to inferior races, the Jews, and other undesirables.

They formed the NAZI Party, and Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany.

For the past forty years a similar ideology, just as dangerous as the NAZI Master Race Ideology, has been taking place in America’s Government, and America’s Courts, and especially in the Eleventh Circuit.

Trump supporters refer to it as the “SWAMP”, because our government has drifted away from the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Great Ideas of Personal Freedoms, and Individual Rights, that this Country was founded on, and has become a country where individuals are no longer important, and do not have “Meaningful” rights.

A handful of the Rich, and Powerful, Corporations, and Special Interests, have taken over this country, bribing our Politicians, and using Lobbyists to Appoint America’s Judges.

They want to use their vast money, and lobbyist “Bribes”, to overthrow our Constitutional Government, from within, abolish the Bill of Rights, and establish a government where only the Elite, the Corporations, and Special Interests have rights.

They are just as evil as the NAZIs, and more dangerous to America’s Freedom, then ISIS.

This movement threatening America’s Freedoms, and way of life, has an idealism based on Federalism, Corporatocracy, and Oligarchy.

They want the kind of government proposed, before the bitter 1787-88 battle over ratification of the Constitution, and before Representative, James Madison, introduced Nine Amendments to the Constitution, to limit Judicial Power, and provide specific guarantees of personal freedoms, and rights, to the people of the United States.

They want a government where those privileged enough to be a Politician, or a Federal Judge, are “God-Like”, and belong to a “Master Race”, above the law, and entitled to collect bribes, and gifts, from lobbyists, Corporations, and Special Interests, as they feed at the Public Trough, and fix cases for their “friends”, and/or, for Personal Gain.

They want a United States Government without the Bill of Rights, and Individual Rights, and Freedoms.

In the past thirty (30) years, Lobbyists for Corporations, and Special Interests, have intensified their efforts to bribe, and buy America’s Government, and to get Activist Federal Judges appointed on the Eleventh Circuit, that share their Perverted “Master Race” Federalism Ideology, and are willing to litigate from the bench, abolishing the Bill in Rights, to strip the “Inferior Public” of their rights, and freedoms, while fixing cases for Special Interests.

Those lobbyists have filled the Eleventh Circuit with their Perverted “Master Race” Federalism, Special Interest Judges.

These Eleventh Circuit “Federalist” Judges have been secretly overthrowing our government, perverting the United States Constitution, and abolishing the Bill of Rights.

They have destroyed the Great Ideas of Personal Freedoms, and Individual Rights, that this Country was founded on, with each case in which they violate their Judicial Oath, by Obstructing Pro Se Litigants from exercising “Meaningful” Access to America’s Courts.

In the Eleventh Circuit America is no longer a government “Of the People, by the People, and for the People”.

The “People” that can’t afford Attorneys, and are forced to proceed Pro Se, are openly abused, harassed, and denied even a speck of honesty, or fairness, by Eleventh Circuit Courts because they belong to the “Inferior Class”, which consists of citizens unable to afford Attorneys.

The “People”, Individual Rights, and the Bill of Rights, mean nothing to this Court’s “Master Race”.

In recent decisions, Judges on the Eleventh Circuit have made it clear that they have abolished the Bill of Rights, and they consider anyone who cannot afford to hire an Attorney, “unworthy of justice”, or even a smidgen of honesty, or fair treatment. [Emphasis added.]

Eleventh Circuit Judges believe that if you are not rich, not a Corporation, or a “Special Interest”, and if you cannot afford to buy justice, by being rich enough to hire an Attorney, then you are not deserving of Individual Rights, Honesty, or Fair Treatment, in the Eleventh Circuit.

You have no rights.

As these Federalist Judges have secretly taken over the Eleventh Circuit, they have abolished the First Amendment, by systematically Obstructing “Meaningful” Access to Eleventh Circuit Courts, to what they consider to be the “Inferior Classes”, which are those who work, the poor, and America’s Veterans, anyone that cannot afford the luxury of hiring an Attorney to protect their rights, and must proceed Pro Se.

Pro Se Litigants are no longer allowed to access the Courts in Forma Pauperis, and must become completely dissolute, and hopeless, and willing to starve their own families, and use their food, and rent money to pay the filing fees in the Eleventh Circuit.

It is the “Policy” of Judges in the Eleventh Circuit to make the poor crawl, beg, starve their families, including their children, and even take money needed for life-saving medicines, and give that money to the Eleventh Circuit, as a requirement to have access to the Eleventh Circuit’s Courts.

If you can’t pay in the Eleventh Circuit, you are not human, and have no right to access the Courts.

And once you pay their filing fee, you are still denied justice because it is predetermined that the Pro Se Litigant will lose, because no judge in the Eleventh Circuit “Master Race” is going to give a Pro Se Litigant in the “Inferior Class”, an iota of honesty, or fairness.

But this hate of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and extreme hate of Americans in the “Inferior Unable to Afford an Attorney Class” is not the Court’s only motive.

Judges in the Eleventh Circuit are mostly Silver-Spooned Politicians, many of whom owe “favors” to Corporations, and those that got them appointed as judges, while many Eleventh Circuit Judges also have investments in Corporations that are being sued in their Court.

They fix cases for those they owe favors to, and for corporations they have a financial stake in.

In this case, several of those “Motives” are present, which is why Judges in the Eleventh Circuit, want Kidwell dead so bad.

Kidwell is an idealist, a Rights Activist, and Veteran Activist, who sets up webpages, fighting for other Veterans, fighting Corporate Corruption, and exposing the Corruption, and Anti-Constitutional Decisions in the Federal Court System.

There is nothing Eleventh Circuit Judges hate more than a citizen foolish enough to think they actually have rights, or someone that exposes corruption in the Federal Court System.

There is an unwritten “Rule” that Federal Judges stick together, like a Mafia Crime Family, and cover-up crimes, and misconduct, for each other.

In this case there is a personal motive by Judge Steele because the Appellant caught Theme Parks in Florida ripping off the disabled, and violating the Americans with Disabilities Act, to ban, and restrict the disabled from their parks, in direct violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Judge, John E. Steele, is known to have invested very substantial amounts of money in Florida Theme Parks, that will be directly affected by Kidwell’s Lawsuit.

The Torture-Victim, Billy Kidwell, is also a member of the “Inferior Class of Citizens” unable to afford to hire an Attorney, which is the class hated, with a passion, by Eleventh Circuit Judges.

As you can see, Judges on the Eleventh Circuit have several, very strong, Personal, and Political Motives, for wanting the Appellant dead, which is why they have done everything they can to cause the Pro Se Appellant’s Death.

The Appellant-Torture Victim, Billy Kidwell, was forced to starve his family, and forced to use money needed to buy life-saving blood pressure, and heart medication for his wife, as a “Requirement” by Magistrate Carol Mirando for the victim to have access to the District Court.

Magistrate Carol Mirando would not even look at the Appellant-Victim’s Motion to Proceed in Forma Pauperis for eight (8) months, until the same day she dismissed the Victim’s Lawsuit against SeaWorld.

That intentional hardship intentionally imposed on the Torture-Victim by Magistrate Carol Mirando caused the Torture-Victim to suffer Massive, Undue Stress.

Magistrate, Carol Mirando, habitually lied, and falsified the record, while she encouraged Perjury, the Subornation of Perjury, Rule Violations, and Dishonesty, by SeaWorld’s Attorneys, while she fixed this case for SeaWorld, covering up Perjury by SeaWorld, because of her hate for the “Inferior Pro Se Litigant Class”.

Magistrate, Carol Mirando, allowed Attorneys for SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. to suborn Perjury, and file a Perjured Sworn Declaration by SeaWorld Assistant Secretary, Paul B. Powers, in which he claimed, under oath, that SeaWorld does not own, or operate the Theme Park Busch Gardens Tampa.

Meanwhile, the CEO of SeaWorld, Joel Manby, signed an Affidavit, under oath, on the Form 10K SeaWorld filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, in which the CEO of SeaWorld contradicted the Declaration of Paul Powers, by stating that SeaWorld Entertainment Does Own, and Does Operate Busch Gardens Tampa.

Clearly, one of the two SeaWorld Officials committed Perjury.

Either SeaWorld owns, and operates Busch Gardens Tampa, as SeaWorld CEO, Joel Manby, claims, or SeaWorld doesn’t own, or operate Busch Gardens Tampa, as SeaWorld Assistant Secretary, Paul Powers, claims. Both stories can’t be true.

The two Affidavits directly contradict each other.

The Torture Victim pointed this out to Magistrate Carol Mirando, as Required by Title 18 §4, and Magistrate Carol Mirando immediately attacked the Torture Victim, threatened him, and Covered-Up the Perjury by SeaWorld, so that she could fix Appellant’s Lawsuit for her “Attorney Friends” at SeaWorld.

Magistrate, Carol Mirando, intentionally lied in Appellant’s Lawsuit against SeaWorld by saying the Appellant, Billy Kidwell, lives hundreds, and hundreds, of miles from Busch Gardens Tampa, when she knows such a statement is not true.

This is a clear, indisputable, example of how corrupt United States District Court Judges, and Magistrates, lie, and encourage Perjury by “Fellow Attorneys”, to fix cases for Corporations, and Special Interest(s), when one party is a Pro Se Litigant, in the “Inferior Class”, without the protection of an Attorney, in the Eleventh Circuit.

Judges Gerald Bard Tjoflat, Charles R. Wilson, and Julie Carnes are doing everything they can to cover-up the Attempt on Appellant, Billy Kidwell’s Life by Judge Steele, and the fixing of Appellant’s ADA Lawsuit against SeaWorld Entertainment, in favor of SeaWorld, by Magistrate Carol Mirando.

This is the “Motive” for the Torture. America’s Disabled Veterans deserve better.

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