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The Attempted Murder of a Disabled Veteran

The United States District Court at Fort Myers, Florida refused to appoint counsel because Judge Steele has substantial investments in Florida's Theme Parks, and Kidwell is suing Florida's Theme Parks.

SeaWorld, knowing Kidwell is severely disabled, and unable to stand stress, had their Attorneys "Target" Kidwell's Stress Disorder, while avoiding addressing the merits of Kidwell's Lawsuit, and the claim that Kidwell was denied Access to SeaWorld's Theme Parks, because of his War Disabilities, and Medical Need for a Service Animal.

To "Target" Kidwell's Stress Disorders, SeaWorld habitually violated the Rules, lied in every Motion, and Response they filed, and even Suborned, and Submitted Perjury, all of which caused Kidwell massive, undue work, and unbearabled Stress, aggrivating Kidwell's Life-Threatening Stress Disorder, causing Kidwell to suffer a Massive Heart Attack.

U.S. District Court Judge, John Steele, having massive investments in Florida's Theme Parks, allowed, and encouraged the abuse by SeaWorld.

Judge Steele would not appoint Counsel, while he allowed SeaWorld to abuse Kidwell, and "Target" Kidwell's Disabilities.

This resulted in Kidwell suffering a major Heart Attack, having Severe Heart Pains, Dizzyness, Trouble Breathing, a Pressure on his Chest, and Passing-Out while Throwing -Up Blood.

Kidwell asked Judge Steele to "Stay" all deadlines, for just a couple of days, so Kidwell could be rushed to the VA Hospital, and obtain Needed Emergency Medical Care, for his Heart Attack, to save his life.

Judge John E. Steele, having substantial investments in Florida's Theme Parks, refused to stay Kidwell's Case against Florida's Theme Parks, even a mere two or three days, so Kidwell could go to a hospital, and get Needed Emergency Medical Care, WHILE KIDWELL WAS HAVING A LIFE-THREATENING HEART ATTACK!

Instead, Judge John E. Steele imposed a massive amount of work on Kidwell, intentionally trying to aggrivate Kidwell's Active Heart Attack, to intentionally cause Kidwell's Death.

As a result of the Denial of Medical Care by Judge Steele the Disabled Veteran, Billy Kidwell, had to be rushed to the Emergency Room, and was placed on the Heart, and Stroke Ward of the Bay Pines VA Hospital for a week.

Kidwell is now suffering Heart Failure because of Jusge Steele, and SeaWorld, and may die.

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