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The No Ethics, No Morals, VA Office of General Counsel

For Over Fifty Years the Department of Veterans Affairs Has Committed Crimes Against Disabled Vietnam Veterans

At Least 457,000 Disabled Veterans Have Been Driven to Suicide, or Killed by the VA With Illegal Medical Waiting Lists

You would think that in America those that defend this country would be entitled to one, just one (1), Honest Day in Court on their Disability Claims, after fifty (50) years of Inhuman Torture by the VA.

It will never happen!

Do a search on the internet and see the tens of thousands of Disabled Veterans being cheated, and the hundreds of thousands of Disabled Veterans being murdered by our government.

If a Muslim is assaulted at an airport it will be in all the newspapers. If a black person is shot by a police officer there are riots everywhere. But yet twenty-two (22) Veterans are Intentionally driven to suicide each day, for over fifty (50) years, and the news media is silent.

No one cares.

There has never in history been any group, any Mafia Crime Family, or any government, as corrupt, and uncaring, as America is towards her Disabled Veterans.

Every President claims they are going to clean up the widespread culture of corruption in the VA, none of them do. (Click here to see if President Trump has kept his promise to clean up the VA.)

Tens of thousands of other Disabled Veterans are intentionally murdered by the Department of Veterans Affairs as they wait, and beg, and beg, while they are dying, like dogs, for the Medical Care they were promised, and EARNED.

They die waiting!

As Billy Kidwell's VA Records prove, for Fifty (50) years the VA has falsified records, hid records exposing crimes by the VA, told lies non-stop, violated Federal Statutes giving Veterans Rights, violated Criminal Laws, torturing, and trying to kill Billy Kidwell.

The VA drove Kidwell to three suicide attempts in the 1980's, when the VA forced him to eat out of garbage cans, and sleep in the woods, and under bridges, as the VA starved Kidwell's wife, and child, knowing he was disabled, and unable to work because of his Vietnam Disabilities, and yet the VA sat on his VA Claim for fourteen (14) years, refusing to process it, as the VA waited for Kidwell to die, or give up and abandon his VA claim, and the Benefits he earned.

The VA knowingly, and intentionally,Tortured Billy Kidwell until his Heart couldn't take it and he suffered a Massive, Stress-Caused Heart Attack, causing massive damage to his heart.   

And now Billy Kidwell is dying with severe Heart Failure because fifty (50) years of Inhuman Torture from the VA is all his heart could stand, and yet the VA Inspector General, the F.B.I., and the Justice Department won't investigate, because VA Officials know they are above the law.

Billy Kidwell's refusial to give up, and refusial to stop exposing the VA Corruption, and VA Criminal Conduct towards him, isn't because of the money the VA has stolen from him.

The VA Secretary, and VA Attorneys in the VA Office of General Counsel, involved in the crimes, can have Kidwell's backpayment they stole, and they can stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

Kidwell refuses to give up BECAUSE VA ATTORNEYS ARE BREAKING THE LAW AND COMMITTING CRIMES AGAINST HIM, denying Kidwell even the most basic HUMAN RIGHTS, and Billy Kidwell is determined to be treated human, and to have at leat Basic Human Rights in America, before he dies, or to die fighting for his rights.

It's a matter of principle, and honor.

The VA Inspector General protects corrupt VA Officials, covering up their crimes, and will only investigate crimes against a Veteran when their is very substantial News Media Coverage, or when the Disabled Veterans has an Attorney, or powerful connections in the government.

The Secretary of the VA is a Politician appointed by the Administration presently in power, and the Secretary of the VA is ALWAYS a political crook, stealing taxpayer dollars, giving Massive, OUTRAGIOUS Dishonest Government Contracts to Drug Corporations, and companies tied to politicans.

Nearly every Secretary of the VA, when fired from the VA, or retired, magically appears on the Board of a Large Medical Corporation, that the VA gave large Contracts to, making millions of dollars.

The individuals that have a responsibility to clean up this widespread corruption in the VA, and responsible to protect the rights of Veterans, and to make sure the VA operates honestly, and legally, is the VA Office of General Counsel.

The VA hires the most corrupt, moralless, dishonest, Veteran-Hating Attorneys in the world to work in the VA Office of General Counsel, and it SHOWS!

The VA Office of General Counsel could clean up the Culture of Corruption in the VA anytime it wants. These attorneys have the power, and the authority, to make VA Officials abide by the law.

And yet, Billy Kidwell's VA Records PROVE that for fifty (50) years the VA Office of General Counsel has been the main sourse of all the corruption in the VA.

Attorneys in the VA knowingly, and intentionally, lie to the Courts, they suborn Perjury, and use the Perjury they suborn when a Disabled Veteran sues the VA to protect his rights.

The Suicides, the Murders with Medical Waiting Lists, the Dilatory Tactics, hiding VA Claim Files, and not processing VA Claims, all the VA Corruption comes from the VA Office of General Counsel.

Where is the United States Department of Justice? The politicans that are supposed to protect us? The News Media? The DC Bar Association, and the American Bar Association, that is supposed to be watchdogs over attorneys.

How do Government Attorneys got so corrupt they are operating just like a RICO Mafia Crime Family, getting help from the Justice Department, and Watchdogs like the Inspector General, while the News Media holds their noses, and covers their eyes. (Click here to read about many of the Specific Criminal Schemes Used by the VA to Defraud Disabled Veterans out of their VA Benefits.)

Let's look at the Government Attorneys that are responsible for a large percentage of America's Veteran Suicides, and responsible for the tens of thousands of Veterans being murdered with Illegal VA Medical Waiting Lists, and other VA Criminal Schemes.


No Morals, No Ethics, No Respect for Any Law, or Veterans Rights, these are the Individuals that have made the VA corrupt for at least the past Fifty (50) Years

Some individuals are so evil that words can't describe them.



Are you a Vietnam Veteran that has been victimized by one of the Army's Vietnam Veteran Con Games?

Or Do you just want to make a remark about how filthy the Army treated Soldiers returning from Vietnam.

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