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The VA's Many Schemes to Defraud Vietnam Veterans

That intentionally caused Billy Kidwell three (3) Stress-Caused Heart Attacks, and are now killing Billy Kidwell

Lies and Crimes by the VA from the Start

Here are a few of the Criminal Schemes the Veterans Administration used that are documented in the Official VA Records of Billy Kidwell.

After being beaten, starved, tortured, and forced, to take a "For the Good of the Service" Discharge from the Army Kidwell applied for VA Compensation, and Medical Care.

I. The VA's AR 635-200 "For the Good of the Service" Army Discharge Scam

Billy Kidwell applied for VA Disability, and Medical Benefits, the day he was discharged from the Army on October 8, 1970.

Two (2) Years later the VA Office in Cincinnati, Ohio told Kidwell they had lost his VA Claim so the clerk at the Cincinnati VA Office filed out a new VA Claim for Disability, and VA Medical Benefits, on April 21, 1972.

On August 15, 1972 the VA printed an Illegal Form Letter and put it in Billy Kidwell's VA Claim File but Kidwell's VA Records show the VA never mailed the Form Letter to Kidwell, and never served the letter on him.

The VA's Letter stated;

"Your Claim for compensation has been carefully considered based upon all the evidence of record, including a review of your service records. We have determined that the conditions under which you were discharged from service preclude the payment of VA Benefits. Accordingly your claim is disallowed.

We are sorry the evidence does not permit a more favorable reply.

J.B. Taylor
Adjudication Officer

Enclosure: Appeal Paragraph

Kidwell's VA Records prove there was no "Appeal Paragraph", nor was the letter ever sent to Billy Kidwell.

Billy Kidwell called the VA and was told that AR 635-200 Discharges are considered "Dishonorable Discharges" and therefore all "For the Good of the Service" Army Discharges are a bar any VA Benefits.

Aparantly the purpose of the letter was so that if Kidwell sued for benefits the VA could lie and fraudulently claim that the VA Office of General Counsel sent a copy of the letter, which was dated August 15, 1972, to Billy Kidwell.

Never receiving an answer on his VA Claim, and being severely disabled with Combat P.T.S.D., and suffering deep depression, Billy Kidwell kept filing his VA Claim, over, and  over, and over, not knowing what else to do, as he tried to get the VA to process his VA Disability Claim.

After never being served with a copy of the partment of Veterans Affairs) has been caught, over, and over, and over again illegally shreading Evidence in Disabled Veterans Claim Files, falsifying documents, having "Secret" Hearings on VA Claims, without the Disabled Veterans knowledge,

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