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Suicide Notes Prove the Army & VA Murdered 457,000 Vietnam Vets

President Trump, and Veterans Groups are Getting Rich Off Dead Veterans!

The Sucide Note of Daniel Somers

Daniel Somers is a true hero.

He suffered more than any human should have to. And when he could bear it no more he demostrated more Ethics, more Honesty, and more Honor, than any Politician, or Government Official, America has ever had. And that is sad.

Daniel Somers, like many Veterans, was forced to do things that conflicted with his sense of right, and wrong,

durring war causing him to suffer what we now call Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

To make it worst, he returned to a very uncaring government, with a Veteran Claims Process so dishonest, and uncaring, the VA (now Department of Veterans Affairs) makes Mafia Crime Families look honest.

Daniel Somers Suicide Note describes how he went beyond the call of duty, and how our OWN government, how the United States Government turned around and deserted him.

Daniel Somers explains how he did not receive the medication he needs for pain. The VA has done this to all of its Disabled Veterans.

Disabled Veterans with injuries, that were receiving pain killers to make the injury bearable have had their pain killers stopped by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

And yet bums in America, too lazy to work, on Welfare, can get all the pain killers they want from Welfare Doctors.

Daniel Somers explained how for twenty (20) years the VA lied, and denied he suffered illnesses from combat, and how he deserved, but did not get, needed medical care for his many Severe Brain Injuries.

Daniel Somers then accuses the government of driving Twenty-Two (22) Disabled Veterans to suicide each day, and how those numbers will not decline until the government has killed all of the Disabled Veterans, and yet no one seems to care.

His suicide note states "That is more Veterans killed, every single day, than children killed at Sandy Hook."

"Where are the huge Policy Initiatives?" "Why isn't the President standing with those families at the State of the Union?"

Every Veteran in America, and every person that cares about our Military, and our Veterans, needs to read the Suicide Note of Daniel Somers, at least a dozen times, because that note is accurare, and full of wisdom, exposing how very corrupt, and dishonest, America's Politicians, and the Department of Veterans Affairs, treat her Veterans, those that provide the very Umbrella of Freedom we all live under. [Click here to read the Daniel Somers Sucide Note].

In his final act Daniel Somers, a REAL Hero, provided us with the truth, and imposed on each of us a DUTY to unite against our Politicians, and the "Establishment", demanding better for those who have provided us with so much.


The Suicide Note of Marine Colonel Jim Turner

On December 10, 2018 Retired Marine Colonel, Jim Turner, put on his dress uniform, and medals, and drove to the Bay Pines Regional Office with one final mission.

Colonel Jim Turner could no longer stand the horrible life of being a Disabled Veteran, with P.T.S.D., dealing with a VA Benefits System that is inhuman, and corrupt to the core.

Colonel Turner wanted his final act to help fellow Veterans so he carefully composed a Suicide Note, a "Dying Declaration", blasting the VA for failing to help him, as he accused the VA of being responsible for at least 90% of the twenty-two (22) Veteran Suicides each day.

Colonel Jim Turner, who knows what he is talking about, and is extremely respected by the Veteran Community, as his last act wanted to expose the never-ending "Culture of Corruption" in the Department of Veterans Affairs that drives twenty-two (22) Veterans to suicide each day.

On October 7, 2019 another Disabled Veteran commited suicide at the same Regional Office almost exactly like Colonel Turner, bringing his records to prove VA Corruption, sitting on his records, leaving a Note blaming the VA, and then killing himself. [Click here to read article].

Colonel Turner's Suicide Noted stated "I bet if you look at the twenty-two (22) Veteran Suicides each day you will se the VA screwed up in 90% of the cases".


The Thousands, and Thousands, of Suicide Notes the VA is Hiding!

For the past Forty-Nine (49) Years the VA has been torturing, Billy Kidwell, the founder of, knowing that he is Medically Unable to Stand Stress, trying to cause his death to get out of paying him the VA Benefits he EARNED.

The VA has lied non-stop, hid Kidwell's VA Records, shredded his VA Claim File, several times, falsified VA Records, and refused to obey Federal Laws that required the VA to pay Billy Kidwell VA Benefits, and lied to Federal Judges when Kidwell sued the VA.

And when Billy Kidwell won on his Appeal to the VA Board of Appeals the VA his the Judgment Order, and has refused to comply with the Order for over Twenty-Five (25) Years.

The VA got by with this by non-stop lies, more crimes against Kidwell, and because in the past Forty-Nine (49) Years the VA his hired nothing but Politicans "Friends" who get paid Millions, and Millions of Dollars in Bonsuses to commit crimes against Disabled Veterans to STEAL the Benefits they Earned.

Meanwhile, these corrupt VA Officials, appointed by the Politicans in Washington, have acted like kids let loose in a Candy Store, stealing hundreds of Millions of Dollars with all kinds of schemes, from kickbacks for giving out crazy, outragious Contracts, such as where the VA paid over $800,000 to rent Hospital Beds the VA could buy for $12,000.

I can assure you some VA Official got a very big kickback for that!

The VA Targets helpless Disabled Veterans, MEDICALLY UNABLE TO STAND STRESS, and commits all kinds of dishonest, and often criminal acts, against the Veteran causing the Veteran to be unable to support his family, to buy food, or pay rent, and the VA continues these crimes until the Disabled Veteran either gives up trying to get the Benefits they EARNED, or the Disabled Veteran is driven to suicide by the VA.

So far, the VA has driven over One Hundred Thousand (100,000) Disabled Vietnam Veterans to suicide.

over a hundred thousand Disabled Veterans have been driven to suicide by the VA, and a very substantial number have left Suicide Notes blaming the VA.

Just WHERE are all those Suicide Notes, and WHY is the VA concealing them?

Most important, WHY does the VA, and the VA Inspector General, refuse to investigate all those hundreds of thousands of deaths, and all those Dying Declarations claiming the VA drove all those Disabled Veterans to their deaths?

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