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The United States Army Betrayal of Vietnam Soldiers

The U.S. Army Planned to Torture, and Cheat, Soldiers Returning from Combat in Vietnam

The Army's Scheme to Torture, Murder, and Cheat, Vietnam Vets

When the Vietnam War started the United States Army knew that substantial numbers of soldiers suffer Mental, and/or, Stress Disabilities in Combat.

Even though Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder was not known at the time, the United States Army was fully aware that in WWI, WWII, Korea, and other wars, substantial numbers of soldiers suffered psychiatric, and/or, stress disorders, such as Shell Shock, or Combat Fatigue, increasing the cost of war.

The United States Army developed several schemes to reduce the cost of the Vietnam War by engaging in Medical Deprivation Torture, Defrauding Soldiers with Heroic, and Honorable Military Service, out of the Honorable Discharges they EARNED, and engaging in various schemes to defraud soldiers out of Military, and/or, VA Benefits, they EARNED, and are legally entitled to.

These illegal schemes by the United States Army, against it's own soldiers returning from Vietnam, saved the government billions of dollars, and has driven at least One Hundred and Fifty Thousand (150,000) Vietnam Veterans to suicide, substantially reducing the cost of the Vietnam War.

Dead Veterans don't need Medical Care or Compensation Benefits!

Some of these schemes by the Army are;

1. The United States Army did not screen Combat Soldiers in Vietnam, or Soldiers returning from Vietnam, for Psychiatric, or Stress Disorders, denied Soldiers with Mental Health Problems, and/or Disabilities, Combat Adjustment Problems, Family Problems, and Family Hardships, any kind of counseling, or Mental Health Evaluations, and/or Treatment, or needed Psychiatric Care, which constituted Medical Deprivation Torture.

Even Prisoners of War are entitled to Medical Care.

2. Large numbers of Soldiers returning stateside from Combat in Vietnam exhibited "Stateside Duty Adjustment Problems", such as Sleeping Disorders, War Nightmares, being explosive, instantly becoming a disciplinary problem after returning from Vietnam, despite the soldier having a long, documented history on their Official Army Record of Assignments Form of having outstanding Conduct, and Efficiency, prior to their Vietnam Combat Service.

When a soldier has a lengthy, Exceptional, Conduct, and Efficiency, Record on his Official Army Record of Assignments, and immediately after returning from Vietnam goes from the highest rating to the worst, even a five (5) year old knows something happened in Vietnam that changed the soldier.

Especially in Kidwell's Case where Billy Kidwell was Heroic, and a Career Soldier.

These are clear indications of a Stress, and/or, psychiatric disability, from Combat, and soldiers exhibiting these symptioms should have received exams by Mental Health Officials to determine if they were disabled from Combat.

Instead for any minor offense the Army would Court Martial the Disabled Soldier, without counsel, put the Disabled Soldier in the Stockade, and have guards gang-beat the Disabled Vietnam Veteran till he passed out, and then put the Disabled Veteran in a metal container and torture him, starving the soldier with Rabbit Chow consisting of a small bowl of cerial, with a couple pieces of letuce, and a cup of water each day.

The torture didn't stop there.

Prison Guards would spray the soldier with a firehose to keep him wet so he couldn't sleep, and bounce a basketball in front of the metal container all night to assure the disabled soldier couldn't sleep, which is Sleep Deprivation Torture.

Billy Kidwell was having bad nightmares after returning from Vietnam. immediately put in the swere denied Counseling, Psychiatric Exams, or any other Mental Health Care, which is also Medical Deprivation Torture.

3. The Army "treated" soldiers

refused to treat when Kidwell returned from Vietnam, and theVA refused to treat for Fourteen (14) Years after Kidwell was disharged.

For Fourteen (14) Years the VA Refused to provide Kidwell Medical Care, because of a Criminal Scheme by the VA, and United States Army, to steal Kidwell's VA Benefits, by using the crazy claim that Kidwell's Extremely Honorable Service in the Army, is considered Dishonorable by the VA because Kidwell received a Traffic Ticket for Speeding after he returned home disabled from Combat in Vietnam.

falsify Records, Lie, and was S, and Fifty (50) Years of Inadequate VA Medical Care, and being on VA Medical Waiting Lists for Fourteen (14) Years once, and another time for Twenty-Two (22) Years  Fifty (50) Years of Intentional, Inhuman, and Never-EndingTorture at the hands of the United States Army, the Veterans Administration, Corrupt VA Attorneys, a Veteran-Hating Justice Department, and Corrupt Federal Judges.

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